99 per cent of Omanisation rate in Diam
January 27, 2020 | 4:11 PM
by Times News Service
Photo Supplied

Muscat: The Public Authority for Water, (Diam) has 99 per cent of Omani nationals working as its staff.

“Diam has 1,824 employees working and 99 per cent of them are Omani nationals,” Diam said in a statement.

Diam also succeeded in completing a number of projects in a number of wilayat and governorates in the Sultanate during 2019.

“During 2019, the authority has established 36 service halls for 611,807 subscribers until the end of December, 2019.''

Diam confirmed, ''The amount of water distributed to subscribers reached 301,000 thousand m3, where, the amount of water produced reached 387.000 thousand m3. 60 per cent of the water networks have been covered, and 17 water quality testing laboratories have built until end of December 2019.”

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