Passengers flying from Oman to now pay for excess cabin baggage
January 25, 2020 | 9:31 AM
by Times News Service
File Photo

Muscat: Passengers making trips from Oman on Air India, the national carrier of India, will need to pay charges, should the weight of their cabin baggage exceed the current limit of 8kg per traveller.

A statement from the Air India team in Muscat said: “Overweight hand baggage will be charged for excess weight over and above the allowed free hand-baggage allowance of 8kgs, including items purchased from duty free shops, for travel originating from Oman, with immediate effect.

“The charges for excess hand baggage will be OMR6 per kg,” added the notice. “The charges are flight-based and passengers having a connection onto an interior point on another flight will be charged separately by the transit station – no combination of charges are allowed on two different flights.”

In addition, Air India said that the maximum permissible weight of hand baggage, even after paying for excess baggage charges, was capped at 10kgs per passenger, including duty free items.

“In case baggage weight is more than 10kgs, the same will not be allowed in the cabin, and will need to be checked in as registered baggage,” added the Air India notice.

Passengers are also required to ensure their bags follow the dimensions for luggage as listed by the airline. Hand baggage cannot measure more than 55cm (22in) in height, 35cm (14in) in length, and a width of 25cm (10in).

Pertaining to check-in luggage, the sum of the three dimensions should not be more than 158cm (62in).

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