Go on a dolphin watching trip in Oman

T-Mag Wednesday 18/January/2017 20:29 PM
By: Times News Service
Go on a dolphin watching trip in Oman

Social, smart, and playful, dolphins have long been the sweethearts of the aquatic world. A dozen dolphin may live and travel together in pods, and they often develop strong relationships, staying with their injured friends, lifting other hurt dolphins to the surface of the water so they can breathe, and even protect other species, as with humans, who have been protected from shark attacks by these friendly mammals, who surround the human and ward off the shark by striking it with their hard noses.

Often compared to domesticated dogs, these creatures are also well-known for being playful. When they jump out of the water while travelling, it is actually a utilitarian act, as it reduces friction and helps them to save energy, but they also frolic just for the fun of it, creating bubble rings for themselves to leap through, or even playing with other creatures by carrying it and passing it among other dolphins, or tossing it into the air, while happily communicating using a variety of clicks and whistles.

Given their big personalities, it is no wonder that we humans love to see such creatures in their natural habitats, in what is for many a rare and delightful encounter. Here in Oman, we are fortunate to have many opportunities to see these delightful animals.

According to the Ministry of Tourism in Oman, dolphin schools visit the shores of Oman in large numbers, especially around Muscat and in Musandam.

There are many local tour operators who specialise sharing this natural wonder with guests. At Coral Ocean Tours LLC you can add the excitement of snorkelling to your dolphin watching trip for a three hour experience at sea. The captain will help you identify the different type of dolphins, which could include Indian Ocean Dolphins, the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, Risso’s Dolphins, Common Bottlenose Dolphins, Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins, Rough-toothed Dolphins, Pantropical Spotted Dolphins, Striped Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, or Long-Beaked Common Dolphins.
The experienced crew will also take you to the finest feeding spots where you might get the chance to snorkel with turtles and other sea animals.

While I have had great success in sighting dolphins in huge numbers on my trips, it is never a guarantee. Such is the way with mother nature. The best days to go for dolphin watching are bright, sunny days. On cloudy days, the dolphins are less likely to show up. It is always a good idea to carry your field glasses with you for dolphin spotting, and it is essential to bring your camera in case you do spot some fins.

On a recent sunny morning, my daughter and I hopped onto a Sidab Sea Tours boat at Marina Al Rowdha, embarking on a morning of sea exploration. The serenity was mesmerising as we sailed along the bountiful inshore waters of the Sultanate. The breeze was chilly and pleasant, the sun warm.

As we began to head farther out to sea, a cry went up as we caught our first glimpse of the distinctive dolphin tails in the distance. They were so far away, their tiny tails could have been creations of our minds, a trick of the eye. But as we grew nearer, we saw one of the impressive creatures leap out of the sea.

It was a breathtaking moment. The other dolphins in the school moved together in what looked like an aquatic, choreographed dance. During our two hour-long trip, we watched the mammals cavort on the blue waters, the air filled with screams of joy each time they flipped on their backs or seemed to stand on their finned “feet”. To witness this wonderful scene was a gift, and an experience my family and I will never forget. [email protected]

Sidab Sea Tours
Dolphin Watching
Time: 8am-10am, & 10am-12noon
Price: adults OMR17, children OMR 10, free for kids under 5
Inclusions: Transfer from the hotels, light refreshment, and snack on board.
Call: +968 9943 2782; +968 9261 2729
Email: [email protected]
Website: sidabseatours.com

Coral Ocean Tours LLC
Dolphin Watching and Snorkelling
Time: Starts from10am (approximately three hours)
Price: adults OMR 20, children below 10 is OMR 7.5, free for kids under 5
Inclusions: Soft drinks, water, and equipment for snorkelling
Dolphin Watching Only (no snorkelling)
Time: 8am and 10am, & 10am-12 noon for 2 hours
Price: adults OMR 15, children below 10 is OMR 5, free for kids under 5
Inclusions: Soft drinks and water
Call: +968 9411 0088 / +968 9116 2534
Email:[email protected]
Website: coraloceantours.com

Nomad Tours
Dolphin Watching and Snorkelling
Time: 10am-1pm
Price: adults OMR22 per person, OMR11per child under 10, under 5 years is free
Inclusions: Soft drinks, water, and snorkelling equipment
Dolphin Watching Only (no snorkelling)
Time: 8am-10am
Price: adults OMR17, children OMR 10, free for kids under 5
Inclusions: Soft drinks and water included
Call: +968 9549 5240
Email: [email protected]
Website: nomadtours.com