Workshop for non-finance professionals next week

Business Wednesday 18/January/2017 17:25 PM
By: Times News Service
Workshop for non-finance professionals next week

Muscat: A workshop to train individuals with no finance background in finance and accounting will be conducted by The Firm for Business and Economic Consulting.
The three-day workshop, to be held from January 22 to 24, 2017, will focus on three elements of finance, namely, understanding and preparing financial reports, analysing financial statements and budgeting, cost and profit analysis.
According to Al Sayyid Munther Al Busaidi, partner at The Firm, knowledge of finance and accounting is an ideal competency that facilitates prudent decision making and individuals, regardless of their professions, must have such skills.
“Financial knowledge, which includes an understanding of financial concepts and ability to read financial statements, is a very important skill. This workshop is designed for people with no background of accounting and finance. The aim is to equip people with financial knowledge to enhance productivity at work and strengthen future career development,” he said.
Al Sayyid Al Busaidi added that most positions require individuals to read and understand financial reports and make decisions accordingly.However, with minimal knowledge of the subject, they often find it hard to utilize information available to them.
The workshop aims to attract a wide range of audience, from managers and entrepreneurs to individuals who would like to gain knowledge of finance in order to accelerate career growth.
This will be the first in a series of workshops that the company plans to organise to train companies and individuals in the financial sector.
“More workshops will be organised in the same field with updated materials and topics. It would sometimes depend on market conditions. At times, the workshops will cater to what companies want to train their employees in,” he explained.
The Firm for Business and Economic consulting is an Omani company which focuses on business consulting and training. It specialises in economic analysis, sustainability issues, feasibility studies and marketing strategies.