Oman tourism: New Muttrah fish market to open soon

Oman Saturday 07/January/2017 20:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman tourism: New Muttrah fish market to open soon

Muscat: One of the most iconic landmarks of Muscat, the Muttrah Fish Market, will open its doors in the first quarter of this year.
“The construction work at the fish market is more or less complete and we are hoping to open it any day now,” a senior official of the Muscat Municipality said.
He said the authorities were currently considering a company to manage the market.
“It would not be possible for the Muscat Municipality to manage the market. Therefore, we are looking for a professional company to run the fish market and take care of day to day affairs,” he told the Times of Oman.
The new fish market will also have a fruits and vegetables section, a coffee shop and a seafood restaurant. These facilities will boost trade and tourism activities in the area. Located close to Port Sultan Qaboos, which has been declared a tourism port, the new Muttrah fish market is expected to attract tourists who come visiting Oman in cruise ships. “We are sure that it will become an iconic landmark of Muscat,” the official said.
The market will be spread over 1,410 sq m and will have space for 120 fish stalls and another 40 stalls dedicated to the cutting and cleaning of fish. Another 810 sq m area has been set aside for 106 fruit and vegetable stalls. There will also be shops selling meat and poultry.
Public health
The new fish market will also have facilities for fish landing, refrigeration, preparation and packaging, besides storage area, offices for staffs and coffee shops.
“Apart from all these facilities, the fish market has been built keeping public health and high standards of hygiene in mind,” said the official.
The market will also have parking facilities to accommodate more than 100 vehicles. “Right now, parking in the fish market is a nightmare. Often, the market is so crowded that one can hardly find enough room to even stand there,” Suraj, an Indian expat who visits the Muttrah fish market every Friday, said. The new project is coming up near the old fish market that was built in 1960.