Four dynamic ways to style your family’s portraits

Lifestyle Wednesday 04/January/2017 19:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Four dynamic ways to style your family’s portraits

Take a look at your family. How many changes have crept in since last year? It certainly is easy enough to have a friend snap some pictures on a smartphone and print off a stack of copies with a pre-designed template. But if you take the idea a couple of steps further, booking a session with a professional photographer will result in images that people will love to display and keep. To get you started, here are four different styles.

Simple yet timeless, this background is often neutral with the family sitting in formal poses. The photographer is less likely to use editing effects to alter the finished product. To prepare for this, choose a colour and style that is clean, uniform and classic.

This style ditches the formal posing and creates a relaxed, candid feel. You come as you are, perhaps using a setting that is familiar and comfortable to your family. The idea is to showcase your family relaxed and happy together.

This style takes the modern approach to a highly specialised, highly individualised level and uses special effects and editing to convey humour or a sense of drama.

What’s old is once again new. What better way to call back to the family roots that tie your loved ones together? You can express this by pulling from your family heritage. For example, you could dress your daughter in your childhood velvet dress. Or include your grandfather’s vintage toy train set as a prop.