Visiting the new Dubai Parks and Resorts

Lifestyle Tuesday 03/January/2017 19:02 PM
By: Times News Service
Visiting the new Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts opened its grand doors to the public last month proving it time and again that they can make imaginations come true in the most extravagant way. While the three parks in this integrated theme park destination has its own attraction that sets it apart from anything you’ve ever seen before, the one thing that got my curiosity surging is the performances and performers that were spotted in large numbers throughout the parks. Built on 30.6 million square feet of land the park in undoubtedly a huge project that had thousands of people working on it.

However, what’s interesting is the involvement on the “on-screen” talent. For me, DPR is an ideal platform for local talent to showcase what they’ve got. The huge number of fascinating shows that happen throughout the park every day is what makes DPR unique. It is not only an integrated theme park destination, it is also an integrated theme show destination.

The magnificent Rajmahal theatre is an 850 seater auditorium where important plays, acts, and musicals are performed by the skilled artists. The Jaan e Bahar is an exorbitant musical that involves hundreds of performers on stage and maybe hundreds more behind-the-scenes, including costume designers, makeup artists, art directors, set designers, and others, which provides the viewers a visual experience that is going to stay with them forever. While the strong performances, the story narration, and the brilliant choreography wins hearts, the efficiency and quality of execution is responsible for its success.

The same group manages to entertain the park visitors with their amazingly entertaining performances throughout the day on the train, stage, in front of the theatre, inside the theatre and put forth their talents with the same vigour and enthusiasm each time. This shows that they love what they’re doing.

The Motiongate too has a multipurpose theatre that can seat 1,000 guests and feature live shows by performers and artists who are a treat to watch. It is built in a retro broadway theatre style taking you back in time. They have shows at fixed hours and the “now showing’ board keeps getting updated so you don’t miss out on your favourite show. While these trained dancers and actors manage to enthrall the audiences, they are also given a chance to portray their talent in front of the whole world.

Dubai Parks and Resorts very smartly amalgamates the entertainment industry with the theme park with the aim of placing UAE on the international map of this ever-growing sector. They realise the importance and potential of human resources and have incorporated it to expand their progress and development.
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Dubai Parks & Resorts
Sheikh Zayed Road, Jebel Ali

Legoland 10am-7pm, daily
Motiongate 10am-7pm (Sun-Wed) 10am-9pm (Thurs-Sat)
Bollywood Parks 10am-8pm (Sun-Wed)
10am-10pm (Thurs-Sat)

Current 3-for-1 Special Offer
(visits through January 31, 2017)
1-day all parks for OMR29.5