If Oman made new year resolutions, what would they be?

Energy Saturday 31/December/2016 22:20 PM
By: Times News Service
If Oman made new year resolutions, what would they be?

HH Dr Sayyid Adham Al Said
Assistant Professor of Economics at the SQU and Managing Partner for The Firm

We expect serious economic challenges in 2017. However, we want to see Oman make serious and sustainable strides in its economic diversification and implementation of the 9th five-year plan. We look forward to serious reforms in the labour market through alignment of attitudes, efforts and initiatives of all stakeholders. We further hope to see some reasonable consolidation of government finances, where space allows for it. More importantly, we want to see the economic challenges foster a genuine entrepreneurial spirit. Such attitudes can be key components in enabling economic diversification and sustainability through adopting new innovative business models.

Indra Mani Pandey
Indian ambassador to Oman

I wish the people of Oman and the Indian Community in Oman a very Happy New Year 2017, filled with happiness, good health, success and prosperity. I take this opportunity to wish His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said a long and happy life, and success in all his endeavours towards development, peace and prosperity in Oman and the world. Under the visionary leadership of His Majesty and the guidance of the Governments of Oman and India, the Strategic Partnership between the two countries continued to expand and deepen in 2016. I hope, in 2017, the cooperation between the two countries in various fields will scale new heights. I also hope that people-to-people contacts, through tourism, cultural and educational exchanges, will continue to grow. India is committed to work with Oman towards expanding bilateral cooperation in the areas of mutual interest. I would like to thank the Government and the people of Oman for the cooperation extended to the Embassy of India in Muscat during 2016, in our efforts aimed at strengthening further the historical ties between the two countries. I also thank the Indian community in Oman for their cooperation with the Embassy, and their contribution in the development and progress of Oman, as well as India.

Laila Abdallah Al Aufi
Director of International Relations & Organisations, Omani Human Rights Commission

As the world becomes more interconnected, it has become overwhelmed with the irony of uncertainty. The need for cooperation has never been more important and, thus, raises the question of what we can do, rather than what we ought to do. Through curiosity, respect and compassion we can better ourselves in order to better each other. Today, no walls can separate humans and no crisis is independent, in its effect on other parts of the world. Humanitarianism is about caring about the greater good, without sacrificing an equal. It is a stepping stone and not a stumbling block. By serving humanity, we serve each other.

Dr. Ruth Mabry
Public Health Expert, WHO

Most people not only want to lead a healthier, happier life, but also know what they need to do. The challenge, usually, is just doing it. So, I would encourage people in Oman to start the year with a new daily habit. A new habit could be something simple, like going on a walk, writing down three things for which they are grateful, eating an extra vegetable dish, doing something new, or using your own thermos, rather than a disposable cup, for that morning coffee. Always taking the stairs, keeping reusable bags in the car for that emergency run to the store, or going on a weekly news or social media fast are other options. Chose a habit that’s simple and easy to add to one’s routine, and keep doing it until it becomes part of daily life. Then, maybe, add another habit.

May Al Bayat
Marketing Director, Dar Al Atta’a

We are really looking forward to the community’s support in 2017. Dedicating a little time from our busy schedules can change lives for the better. We suggest that everyone should work a little harder on focusing more on charity this year. Make a promise to help out with the small and realistic things, like donating old clothes and household items, or volunteering at least once a month. Not only will you feel good about yourself, but helping those less fortunate feel good, too.

Aida Al Jabri
Marine environment specialist, Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA)

It is crucial that we take more care of marine life, since it is in more danger than ever. There is a domino effect, when it comes to the aquatic existence, and the more we pollute and allow pollution, the quicker this beautiful environment is destroyed. Everything is affected by the smallest change and, soon, humans will no longer be able to depend on the sea as a source of food.

Dr Jawad Al Lawati
Senior consultant and rapporteur for the National Tobacco
Control Committee, Ministry
of Health (MoH)

“I would like to see better anti-smoking programmes implemented in this country. It’s such a terrible habit to pick up, financially and health wise. Tobacco taxes should be increased so much that it remains out of reach for most people. A pack of cigarettes which now costs OMR1 should be made OMR2, or more, so that people will think twice before buying. And from the extra tax money, we can build a hospital every year.

Fatma Makki

Three things we can work on: Practice more compassion. It feels like the world is becoming a scarier place with every passing day. To reverse that, we need to be more compassionate towards each other. Smile more. Listen better. Help a stranger every once in a while. (2) Give back more to our community. We are incredibly fortunate to live in such a safe and peaceful community, and the best way to show our gratitude is to give back in whatever way we can. (3) Take better care of the environment. Oman is the hidden jewel of the Middle East! Our beaches, wadis and desserts are stunning, and it’s incredibly sad to visit and see these natural beauties marred by litter. If we all worked together to preserve our unique environment, we can leave behind the same beautiful Oman we know and love for generations to come.

Mohammed Ragheb Mohammed Ragheb Sheikh,
Assistant Manager at OTE

This year was one of austerity, and although the Omani government planned various initiatives to improve the condition of the economy and reduce the impact of the situation, there were still places where the impact was felt. I do hope that the New Year brings better beginnings for Oman, I hope that the NOC issue is resolved and foreign businesses entering the country find it easier to operate here. I also wish for greater job security and thank His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for the wonderful work he has done over the years.

Vijay Handa
Cluster general manager at
Masirah Island Resort and the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve.

Cluster general manager at Masirah Island Resort and the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve. People should take the New Year initiative to explore Oman and visit places unfamiliar to them. This is a country with lots of historical and cultural surprises that are waiting to be found. Be a tourist in your own country, and enjoy the wonders this country has to offer.

Nizamud Mohiyudheen
Civil Engineer

“I hope 2017 brings better luck to Oman, than 2016. Oil prices are the most important factor. I think they will go up and markets in Oman will become better again. Also, I expect residents to play an important role in contributing to the progress of the nation”

Lamees Daar
Executive Director, Environment Society of Oman

ESO believes that protecting and conserving the environment is a responsibility that lies with everyone. This year, we aim to focus on engaging the community to achieve this through our outreach activities and volunteerism opportunities.

Aamir Patel
Chartered accountant

We all want 2017 to be better. We need to see more innovation in Oman, and move out of the situation of low revenues through that. After all the initiatives, I guess it should make Oman more prosperous. Let us await and watch.

Maaz Furious
Engineering Consultant

It’s amazing how things changed in 2016. I hope they change for the better in 2017. More jobs, more contracts and flourishing business. That’s exactly what we need.