Labs in Oman help in innovation, test product quality

Oman Saturday 31/December/2016 20:17 PM
By: Times News Service
Labs in Oman help in innovation, test product quality

Muscat: As the laboratories at the Directorate General for Standards and Metrology (DGSM) play a key role in the economic system, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry attaches great importance to them.
The laboratories also have a great effect in developing knowledge and innovation and meeting needs of various segments of the society.
These laboratories also provide the required protection to traders and suppliers against fraud related to goods imported to the Sultanate or exported abroad. They also help in ensuring customers’ satisfaction.
Rahma bint Dariwsh Al Balushiyah, Head of the General Chemical Laboratory at the DGSM at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that the General Chemical Laboratory seeks to enhance the quality of the national industrial products.
“The Lab inspects and tests the industrial products and other various materials to ensure that they meet standards and specifications. These tests play a role in enhancing the quality of national products through providing technical advice to the different factories. The Lab also gives opinion about the Omani and Gulf standards, as well as the methods to test and apply them,” she added.
“Tests are carried out using modern devices, such as the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, which is being used to test heavy metals. The device shows the concentration of iron, lead, zinc, copper and manganese. The Lab also uses the turbidity meter, which measures water turbidity levels,” she furthered.
“The Lab maintains cooperation with the DGSM in registering private laboratories in Oman and ensure they meet the requirements of the Regulation for Registering Testing and Calibration Labs,” said Al Balushiyah.