Video: Dhofar coastline receives torrential rain as storm Luban moves closer to land

Energy Friday 12/October/2018 15:51 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: The indirect effects of storm Luban have started hitting parts of Oman, officials from the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) have announced.
PACA said: "Clouds associated with the tropical storm Luban are prevailing over Sharqiyah South, Wusta, Dhofar with scattered thundershower."
The southern part of Masirah has been receiving occasional rain accompanied by hail.
A weather forecast specialist from PACA said, "Luban, which was a cyclone, has now reduced in power and is a storm. We have seen indirect effects over the Southern part of Masirah, since the morning, with occasional rains and hail. We have have also seen occasional indirect effects over the South-Eastern coast of Oman."
A statement by PACA read, "Windspeeds around the centre of the storm now range between 55-63 knots/100-117kmph. Indirect effects include isolated rain and strong winds between 20-25 knots/37-46 kmph."
The Dhofari town of Sadah also received torrential rain this afternoon, as tropical storm Luban makes its way along the Omani coast.
Luban, was recently downgraded to a tropical storm from a category one cyclone, although heavy rain will be seen in parts of the Dhofar and Wusta Governorates.
Pictures taken by local Omani photographer Khalifa Ali show plenty of waterlogged stretches of land, particularly near the shore, with local fishermen having pulled their boats up all the way in front of their houses, so that they do not get washed away in the increasing current.
Video courtesy: Weather Omanya/Twitter
Photos: Khalifa Ali