Oman municipal council elections: Local polls final results declared

Business Monday 26/December/2016 22:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman municipal council elections: Local polls final results declared

Muscat: Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal Al Busaidi, Minister of Interior yesterday issued a statement announcing the final results for the Municipal Councils 2nd Term Elections.
The Minister of Interior said, “By Allah support and as per the provision of the Municipal Councils Law and its Executive Regulation, the Municipal Councils 2nd Term Elections were organised on December 18 and December
25, 2016.”
“It gives me a pleasure to express utmost thanks and gratitude to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for the great care and wise guidance which secured involvement of all members of society in the comprehensive development march in the Sultanate”, he added.
He furthered that new IT technologies were used in the election process. These technologies included receiving and approving the application forms
“Voting forms were also placed in a special box that was provided with a system, which reads and sorts out the forms electronically. Many measures were also in place to facilitate the casting of votes by voters and ensure full transparency and accuracy of the election process, as planned,” he noted.
The names of the winners as announced by Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal Al Busaidi, Minister of the Interior came as follows:
In the Governorate of Muscat, Wilayat of Muscat: Qais bin Mohammed bin Ali Al-Mashari, Majid bin Nassir bin Khalfan
The Wilayat of Muttrah: Ali bin Abdulrida bin Dawood Al-Hashmani, Hamad bin Khalfan bin Abdullah Al-Wahibi, Hussein bin Juma bin Dad Rahman Al-Bulushi and Salim bin Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Ghamari.
The Wilayat of Al A’amirat: Mudhafar bin Mohammed bin Nassir Al-Wahibi, Murad bin Ahmed bin Dadil Al-Bulushi, Abdullah bin Habid bin Mohammed Al-Hadi and Sana bint Hilal bin Salim Al-Mashariya.
The Wilayat of Bausher: Mansour bin Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Habsi, Salim bin Said bin Sa’ayid Al-Rahbi, A’amir bin Said bin Khalfan Al-Wahibi, Abdullah bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Salti, Mubarak bin Hamad bin Salim Al-Ghabshi and A’amir bin Salim bin Ali Al-Hassani.
The Wilayat of A’Seeb: Yahya bin Mohammed bin Mubarak Al-A’amri, Salim bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Fori, Amna bint Suleiman bin Hashim Al-Balushiyah, Abdulrahman bin Hamid bin Khamis Al-Bulushi, Hamdan bin Dawood bin Hamdan Al-Yousfi, and Said bin Salim bin Saif Al-Hadidi.
The Wilayat of Quriyat: Salim bin Ali bin Mohammed Al-Na’abi, Mohammed bin Ali bin Issa Al-Lazami, Salim bin Said bin Salim Al-Ghazali and Sulayim bin Rashid bin Sulayim Al Bu’safi.
The Governorate of Dhofar, the Wilayat of Salalah: Mohammed bin Said bin Suhail Kashoob, Khalid bin Sultan bin Ahmed Bait Said, Ali bin Said bin Omar Ghafram Al-Shihri, Ahmed bin Salim bin Tamteem Hawas Al-A’amri, Sanad bin Hussein bin Sa’ad Al-Sheikh and Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Said Bait Ali Suleiman.
The Wilayat of Taqah: Salim bin Mahad bin Ali Al-Ma’ashani and Mohammed bin Ma’atooq bin Said Al-Shihri.
The Wilayat of Mirbat: Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Ahmed Ajboon Qaitoon and A’amir bin Mahad bin Amir Al-Amri.
The Wilayat of Rakhyut: Abdullah bin Said bin Suhail Al-Amri and Salim bin Said bin Mussalim Al-A’amri.
The Wilayat of Thumrait: Fahd bin Ahmed bin Ahmed Ghawas, Marhoon bin Salim bin Ali
The Wilayat of Dhalkhut: Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Said Al-A’amri and Said bin Salim bin Ahmed Shamas.
The Wilayat of Al Mazyouna: Mussalam bin Mabkhout bin Nahees Za’abanout and Said bin Ahmed bin Mahans Sharib
The Wilayat of Maqshan: Said bin Hassan bin Shatf Samhan Al-Mas’hali and Mabkhoot bin Mohammed bin Bukhait Al-Sha’asha’ei.
The Wilayat of Shaleem and Al Halaniyat Islands: Said bin Salim bin Nafta Sa’aifout Thou’ar and Abdulrab bin Sa’ad bin Qasim Al-Bah’tari.
The Wilayat of Sadah: Khalid bin Musallam bin Hadeed Al-Oraimi and Ali bin Mohammed bin Faraj Tahir Al-Mahri.
The Governorate of Musandam, Wilayat of Khasab: Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Kamzari and Ali bin Hassan bin Ali Al-Kamzari.
Wilayat of Diba: Ibrahim bin Mohammed bin Said Al-Shihi and Khalid bin Mohammed Zaman bin Kamil Al Ra’eesi.
Wilayat of Bukha: Ali bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Shihi and Hassan bin Sulaiman bin Hassan Al-Shihi.
Wilayat of Madha: Subaih bin Said bin Subaih Al-Madhani and Saif bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Sa’adi.
Governorate of Al Buraimi, Wilayat of Al Buraimi: Ahmed bin Faris bin Salim Al-Azani, Khalfan bin Said bin Salim Al-Shamsi, Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Mohammed Al-Jabri and Saqr bin Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Balushi.
Wilayat of Mahadha: Khalid bin Khamis bin Rashid Al-Ka’abi and Ahmed bin Said bin Mohammed Al-Ka’abi.
Wilayat of A’Sinainah: Maryam bint Khalfan bin Abdullah Al-Shamsiyah and Latifa bint Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Man’eiyah.
Governorate of A’Dakhiliyah, Wilayat of Nizwa: Asim bin Salim bin Mohammed Al-Jamoodi, Ali bin Nasser bin Said Al-Busaidi, Mohammed bin Mas’oud bin Mohammed Al-Nu’mani, Mohammed bin Hamad bin Abdullah Awlad Thani, Abdullah bin Said bin Sulaiman Al-Sibani and Ahmed bin Khamis bin Sulaiman Al-Hatali.
Wilayat of Buhla: Khalid bin Nasser bin Salayum Al-Wardi, Khalfan bin Hamad bin Sulaiman Al-Wa’eli, Said bin Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Ma’ani, Saud bin Ali bin Said Al-Shu’aili, Ali bin Humaid bin Ali Al-Hinai and Said bin Salim bin Mohammed Al-Hinai.
Wilayat of Manah: Ali bin Abdullah bin Rasheed Al-Busaidi and Sa’ad bin Said bin Salim Al-Junaibi.
Wilayat of Al Hamra: Abdullah bin Ahmed bin Zaher Al-Abri and Saud bin Rashid bin Said
Wilayat of Adam: Ali bin Said bin Ali Al-Dur’ei and Mubarak
bin Abdullah bin Khalfan Al-Mahrouqi.
Wilayat of Izki: Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al-Riyami, Mohammed bin Mubarak bin Mohammed Al-Amri, Nasser bin Awaad bin Nasser Al-Tobi and Ahmed bin Sulaiman bin Salam Al-Amri.
Wilayat of Sumail: Hisham bin Mohammed bin Hilal Al-Hashami, Hamid bin Mohammed bin Saif Al-Rawahi, Salim bin Omar bin Abdullah Al-Makhladi and Abdul Karim bin Suroor bin Zayed
Wilayat of Bidbid: Mubarak bin Rashid bin Nasser Al-Rahbi and Waleed bin Said bin Saif Al-Siyabi.
Governorate of North Al Batinah, Wilayat of Sohar: Salim bin Mubarak bin Abdullah Al-Balushi, Ahmed bin Khalfan bin Salim Al-Shibli, Ibrahim bin Ali bin Khadim Al-Ra’eesi, Khalid bin Said bin Ali Al-Muqbali, Ali bin Darwish bin Ali Al-Ajmi and Younis bin Mohammed bin Ali Al-Shizawi.
Wilayat of Shinas: Hassan bin Ismail bin Ali al-Ma’amari, Nasser bin Hilal bin Mohammed Al-Ma’amri, Haitham bin Ali bin Obaid Al-Mayasi and Adil bin Obaid bin Mohammed Al-
Wilayat of Liwa: Rahma bint Ali bin Hassan Al-Ghufailiyah, Saif bin Khamis bin Said Al-Thuhli, Khalfan bin Sulaiman bin Musabah Al-Kindi and Hamdan bin Khalfan bin Abdullah Al-Ma’amri.
Wilayat of Saham: Ibrahim bin Ali bin Hassan Al-Shihi, Abdullah bin Saif bin Said Al-Meghaizawi, Rashid bin Fraish bin Ali Al-Braiki, Said bin Salim bin Mohammed Al-Qraini, Ahmed bin Rashid bin Ahmed Al-Fazari and Tahir bin Mohammed bin Hassan Al-
Wilayat of Al Khabourah: Moza bint Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Hosniyah, Najaf bin Hamad bin Najaf Al-Ajmi, Ali bin Karam bin Ali Al-Balushi and Ali bin Said bin Hedaib Al-Qutaiti.
Wilayat of A’Suwaiq: Abdullah bin Khalifa bin Abdullah Al-Balushi, Ali bin Mubarak bin Musabah Al-Rushaidi, Rashid bin Khalifa bin Rashid Al-Khumaisi, Abdullah bin Saif bin Ali Al-Jahwari,
Darwish bin Salim bin Obaid Al-Kiyoumi and Khalifa bin Mohammed bin Yousef Al-Buraid’ei.
Governorate of South Al Batinah, Wilayat of A’Rustaq: Sulaiman bin Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Shukaili, Khalifa bin Saif bin Khamis Al-Ma’amari, Ali bin Said bin Khalaf Al-Abri, Bashir bin Salim bin Mohammed Al-Khatri, Khalifa bin Nasser bin Said Al-Ismaili and Ibrahim bin Mohammed bin Zahran Al-Salmi.
Wilayat of Al Awabi: Zaher bin Khalfan bin Zaher Al-Khaziri and Sulaiman bin Yousef bin Hamad Al-Kharousi.
Wilayat of Nakhal: Sulaiman bin Salim bin Sulaiman Al-Jabri and Salim bin Saleh bin Ali al-Subhi.
Wilayat of Wadi Al Ma’awel: Said bin Mohammed bin Said Al-Ma’awali and Hilal bin Khalaf bin Sulaiman Al-Ma’awali.
Wilayat of Barka: Khamis bin Amer bin Hamad Al-Mishaifri, Rashid bin Khamis bin Abdullah Al-Hadi, Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Salayum Al-Malki, Khalid bin Khalfan bin Mohammed Al-Rushaidi, Hamoud bin Said bin Badr Al-Balushi and Younis bin Abdul Rahim bin Abdul Rahman Al-Balushi.
Wilayat of Al Musannah: Yousef bin Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al-Migaini, Saud bin Salim bin Said Al-Sa’adi, Waleed bin Shabib bin Sabeel Al-Balushi, Hazaa bin Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Khamisi, Ja’afar bin Abdullah bin Ali Al-Balushi and Rahma bint Mubarak bin Al Mas Al-Noufliyah.
Governorate of South A’Sharqiyah, Wilayat of Sur: Juma bin Abdullah bin Mubarak Al-Oraimi, Salim bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Mekhaini, Ali bin Juma bin Ali Al-Oraimi, Sultan bin Ahmed bin Qais Al-Sulti, Hamad bin Juma bin Hamad Al-Oraimi and Mohammed bin Khamis bin Mohammed Al-Mesharfi.
Wilayat of Al Kamil Wa Al Wafi: Hamad bin Said bin Salim al-Hashmi and Hamad bin Halees bin Salim Al-Hashmi
Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bo Hassan: Rashid bin Nassir bin Hamad Al-Mashaikhi, Khamis bin Rashid bin Khamis Al-Masroori, Rashid bin A’amir bin Saleh Al-Awaisi and Ali bin Salim bin Hamad Al-Shahimi.
Wilayat of Ja’alan Bani Bo Ali: Khalifa bin Juma bin Salim Al-Kasbi, Hamad bin Humaid bin Juma Al-Oraimi, Jameel bin Abdullah bin Juma Al-Ja’afari, Rashid bin Abdullah bin Salim Al-Ghilani, Saleh bin Ali bin Said Al-Sa’adi and Abdullah bin Salim bin Abdullah Al-Ja’afari
Wilayat of Maseera: Nassir bin Saleem bin Khamis Al-Farsi and Badr bin Darweesh bin Mohammed Al-Oraimi.
Governorate of North A’Sharqiyah, Wilayat of Ibra: Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Yazidi and Abdullah bin Said bin Ahmed Al-Maskari
Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi: Muhana bin Mohammed bin Said Al-Fazari, Salim bin Said bin Salim Al-A’amri, Said bin Salim bin Hamoud Al-Shabibi, Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Salim Al-Jahafi, Al Abd bin Abdullah bin Ali Al-Jahafi and Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Saud Al-Habsi.
Wilayat of Bidiyah: Hamad bin Salim bin A’amir Al-Wihibi and Mohammed bin Nassir bin Salim Al-Hajri.
Wilayat of Al Qabil: Ali bin Khadim bin Nassir Al-Sa’adi and Salim bin Mohammed bin Salim Al-Malki.
Wilayat of Wadi Bani Khalid: Ali bin Issa bin Amn Al-Rashdi and Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Khanifar Al-Sifi.
Wilayat of Dima Wa Al Ta’een: Saif bin Saleh bin Saif Al-Aghbari and Mohammed bin Hamad bin Thiyab Al-Haseeni.
Governorate of A’Dahirah, Wilayat of Ibri: Sanidi bin Humaid bin Sanidi Al-Sha’eeli, Abdullah bin Hamad bin Musallam al-Dar’ei, Abdulaziz bin Hamdan bin Abdullah Al-Bulushi, Rashid bin Jabar bin Humaid Al-Ma’amari, Hamoud bin Said bin Nagmoosh Al-Hina’ei and Rashid bin Salim bin Saif Al-Magrafi.
Wilayat of Yanqul: Mohammed bin Saleh bin Ali Al-Badi and Ali bin Khamis bin Mohammed Al-Alawi.
Wilayat of Dhank: Hamdan bin Nassir bin Rashid Al-Yahya’ei and Saif bin Rashid bin Ali Al-Badi
Governorate of Al Wusta, Wilayat of Haima: Said bin Mubarak bin Saqr Al-Harsoosi and Said bin Nassir bin Rashid Al-Harsoosi.
Wilayat of Mahout: Salim bin Abdullah bin Said Al-Hakmani and Mohammed bin Salim bin Said Al-Hindi.
Wilayat of Duqm: Zayid bin Juma bin Anbar Al-Junaibi and Yaqoob bin Juma bin Mubarak Al-Junaibi.
Wilayat of Al Jazir: Said bin
Zaitoon bin Said Al-Junaibi and Badr bin Khalifa bin Salim Al-Junaibi.