Eight schools converted into shelters in Dhofar
October 12, 2018 | 11:29 AM
by Times News Service
Photo used for illustrative purpose only

Muscat: As tropical storm Luban inches closer, authorities in western Dhofar have turned eight schools into shelters, the National Committee for Civil Defence (NCCD) has announced.

The NCCD said that this move was due to the expected rainfall from the direct impact of Luban.

The shelters were divided between the Wilayat of Raykut and Wilayat Dhalkut. The names of the schools in Wilayat Raykut are: Hayroon, Shirsheet, Shab Aseeb, Ardeet, and Ajdaroot. The shelters in Wilayat Dhalkut are: Khadrafi, Dhalkut, and Hafeef.

Since Thursday, schools in the governorate have been closed to turn them into "shelters for citizens and residents”.

Authorities has also warned people in “western areas of Dhofar to move away from low lands”.

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