Prisoners display skills at Royal Oman Police Products Exhibition

Energy Monday 26/December/2016 20:19 PM
By: Times News Service
Prisoners display skills at Royal Oman Police Products Exhibition

Muscat: Prisoners displayed their talents at the annual Royal Oman Police (ROP) Products Exhibition at the Muscat City Centre.
Focussing on creative rehabilitation the ROP train both male and female inmates in handicraft and art, where prisoners participate in workshops ranging from carpentry, pottery and artistry to tailoring, sweet making and painting on ceramics, among many other things.
“The aim is to teach the inmates some talent or handicrafts that they can use as a career after they get out of prison,” the ROP said.
“It also keeps them occupied when they are carrying out their prison sentence. They are rewarded with money for their hard work, which in turn helps their family while they are incarcerated,” ROP explained.
Displays of artwork, jewellery, women’s accessories, children’s clothes, and wooden dhows, among many other products made by the inmates, are also for sale to the public.
The ROP said that rehabilitation of inmates is the main focus behind trying to bring all of the prison laws into effect.
The ROP also offers religious teachings by having prisoners participate in programmes such as memorising the Holy Quran and the Prophet’s (PBUH) teachings as well as educating the prisoners from school curriculums from Grades 1 to 12 under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.
A library is also available for the inmates to borrow books and read, while sports programmes also encourage them to lead an active and healthy life.