#OmanPride: Young Omani singer to compete in India Star TV realty show

More sports Sunday 25/December/2016 23:02 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Young Omani singer to compete in India Star TV realty show

Muscat: A young Omani singer has been selected to compete in a Star TV realty show in India.
Haitham Mohammed Rafi Al Balushi, who was selected as the Muscat Singing Icon in a 2012 realty show organised by Talent Hunters, started singing at the age of seven years old.
Haitham will be a participant in “Dil Hai Hindustani,” a song-based realty show that will feature only non-Indians singing Hindi songs.
The show will begin on January 7, 2017, on Star TV India. It will be aired every Saturday and Sunday at 6.30pm onwards.
The competition will be judged by Karan Johar, Shekhar, Badshah and Shalmali, all veterans of Bollywood.
“It is a dream come true for me. I feel like I am in heaven now. I want to take full advantage of this god-given opportunity. I am working very hard and am focused on winning this competition, and to fulfill my ambition of being a playback singer,” Haitham said.
Star TV had sought the help of Dr Sanjay Dalal, founder and director of “Talent Hunters Oman” in its search for a talented non-Indian singer who could sing in Hindi.
“Haitham, the winner of Muscat Singing Icon 2012 (Arabic Category), was the name that instantly came to mind. Haitham had to pass through tough scrutiny. Once satisfied, he was called to Mumbai for further auditions. There were around 4,100 singers from across the globe vying for a place in the final 10. I am so excited and delighted to know that Haitham has been selected in the final 10,” Dalal said.
Haitham’s father, Mohammed Rafi, who is also a well-known singer, has been his mentor.
Haitham has lived among Indians and Pakistanis since childhood, and learnt some Hindi and Urdu. He also watched many Hindi movies, and developed his interest in Hindi music.
“No doubt it is a matter of pride for all of us in Oman, as Haitham will be competing as a candidate from Oman. Oman’s flag will be held high with pride as he becomes an international singer. With his dedication and hard work, I am sure he will win and bring joy to all of us. Let us all pray for his success,” Dalal added.