Mining forum to highlight investment opportunities in Oman

Business Saturday 24/December/2016 13:35 PM
By: Times News Service
Mining forum to highlight investment opportunities in Oman

Muscat: The second edition of Oman Minerals and Mining Conference and Exhibition will begin on January 16, 2017 at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. The three-day event is organised by Oman Expo and Awtad Geological Consulting, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Mining (PAM).
The conference aims to attract international companies operating in the mining sector with a view to showcase experience and expertise owned by these companies, inviting the participants from financial, investment, trade and regulatory sectors at the local and international levels share ideas and proposals, as well as the development of sustainable investment programmes that will develop the mining sector in the Sultanate and support its economy.
The conference also aims to review mining opportunities in the Sultanate, ways to invest and to include them in the global industry map, in addition to the role of industry in providing job opportunities for Omani job-seekers.
It also aims to highlight the Sultanate as a mining attraction at both local and global levels, the expansion of mining investments in line with recent government orientations aimed at to pay attention and support to this sector to be an important tributary that enriches the national income and contribute to enhancing the status of the Sultanate as a mining destination, in addition to marketing the national product in the field of mining on a global scale providing that would results in the establishment of a sustainable mining industry.
The conference will discuss many topics of interest to the Sultanate and the increase of its added value through the transfer of practical experience, advanced technology and reduction of the environmental impact of the minor sector. International experts specialised in the various mining areas will take part in the conference.
An exhibition will be held on the sidelines of the conference. The exhibition will showcase the local mining products, their regional and international marketing, as well as learning about the latest technological developments in geological survey, mineral exploration and extraction, implementation of the economic feasibility studies for mining projects, open the door for companies operating in this sector in the Sultanate to provide logistic services, technical and financial consulting which would increase the purchase power and the establishment of a regional business that supports the mining sector in the Sultanate on a long-term base.
The conference is an opportunity to enable the mining industry of meeting in one place to identify investment opportunities and business deals, enhancing the existing mining and promising investment opportunities in the Sultanate.
As more as 54 companies expected to participate in the exhibition. They will represent several international countries, along with the Sultanate, among them are the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, Germany, Turkey, Iran, India, Malaysia and Singapore.