Do-it-yourself: Easy ways to improve your fuel efficiency

Lifestyle Sunday 18/December/2016 18:31 PM
By: Times News Service
Do-it-yourself: Easy ways to improve your fuel efficiency

With the rising cost of petrol, we are all feeling the pain at the pump, but there are a few simple ways you can improve your fuel efficiency without selling your car and buying a hybrid. To really see how much of a difference these changes are making for you, fill your car up and make a note of the kilometre gauge. When you are running close to empty again, note your kilometre reading, and check your owner’s manual for the total number of litres per tank. Do this three or four times to get a good, average reading of your current kilometres-per-litre. Then you can track your improvements from there. Or, if you don’t care about going that deep, just keep track of how many days you can go without filling up your tank. The more days, the better your fuel efficiency and cost savings. Try these tricks to save some petrol money.

Keep it under 100
Ideally, closer to 70kmh. Engineering studies have shown that when you drive over 100kmh, your engine has to use more power and up to 15% more fuel than at speeds around 70kmh.

Relax at the Light
Zooming away from traffic lights will devour your petrol as does propelling yourself from a full stop into motion. So slow your roll as you approach lights (in hopes of avoiding a full stop) and ease off the starting line, unless the thrill of roaring back into traffic is worth paying for at the pump.

Avoiding traffic signals and stop-and-go traffic will make for a much more fuel efficient commute, especially if those backroads keep you cruising around 70kmp.

Pump it Up
Keep your tyre pressure at 10% above the manufacturer recommended pressure, or at least at it, to decrease rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency. When you fill up your tank, it is a good time to check your tyre pressure as well.

Stay Regular
Performing scheduled maintenance, like changing air filters and engine oil, on-time will ensure you aren’t burning extra fuel thanks to a gunky filter.

Cut the Cooler
Whenever the weather is bearable enough, turning off the AC will save a huge amount in fuel efficiency.

Lose the Weight
Take the camping gear, barbecue grill, and kayak out of your trunk when you aren’t headed for a weekend outing or you will pay for carrying around that extra weight the next time you fill-up.
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