Energy award seeks more Omani participation

Business Saturday 17/December/2016 15:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Energy award seeks more Omani participation

Muscat: The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy encouraged Omani companies and individuals to take part in the Emirates Energy Award (EEA) 2017. A press conference was held in Oman on the subject.
Under the theme ‘Innovative solutions for Clean Energy’, the third Emirates Energy Award is focussing to have more participation from Oman.
“Oman has one of the best reserves of solar energy and I believe it is the future of energy production. We would like individuals and companies to participate in this competition, which will allow them to proceed with innovative solutions,” said Ahmad B. Al Muhairbi, secretary general of the DSCE, Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of EEA.
He added that participants will benefit from financial awards worth more than one million dollars, all categories combined.
For EEA 2015, three applications were received from Oman.
“The Emirates Energy Award (EEA) is a leading platform dedicated to recognizing latest innovations and technologies in the fields of energy, in addition to highlighting the findings of researchers and scientists in areas such as energy generation, consumption, and use of environmental resources. It serves as a catalyst for exchange of ideas, insights and solutions to achieve the best possible results in future innovations,” he said.
The press conference held in Oman aimed to attract public and private institutions and research centres working in the energy sector. According to Oman’sVision 2020, it aims to meet 10 per cent of electricity requirements from renewable energy sources by 2020. Oman has the highest rating for purity of skies, making it one of the places that have highest solar energy concentrations and a promising market for solar projects.
EEA has 10 categories: energy efficiency–public and private sectors (gold, silver, and bronze), energy efficiency – private sector (gold, silver, and bronze), large energy project (gold, silver, and bronze), small energy project (gold, silver, and bronze), connecting solar power to buildings project for large projects (more than 500 KW) (gold, silver, and bronze), connecting solar power to buildings project for small projects (less than 500 KW) (gold, silver, and bronze), education and capacity building (gold, silver, and bronze), research and development (gold, silver, and bronze), young professional energy award (gold, silver, and bronze), and a special recognition award.