Travel Oman: Al Ashkarah beach, the perfect place to unwind
December 7, 2019 | 7:25 PM
by Gautam Viswanathan

Known for its awesome waves and the traditional methods used by its fishermen to catch and dry fish, Al Ashkarah has always been a popular tourist destination for people who live in as well as visit Oman,

About a four-hour drive from Muscat, and located next to the fishing village that lends the beach its name, Al Ashkarah beach in the South Sharqiyah Governorate is a place that reminds you of the simplicity of nature and helps take away your troubles.

Restaurants on the main road of the town will serve you a preparation of grilled cuttlefish and cuttlefish masala that you have never tasted before. Served with piping hot parathas – unleavened Indian bread made on a skillet – the cuttlefish are freshly caught and must be savoured if you are a foodie. If you’re not, this might just turn you into one!

The squid dishes made there are also top-notch, and are probably going to be unlike anything you’ve had anywhere else. As you walk on the beach and feel the soft sand under your feet and between your toes, do stop to watch the local fishermen pull their boats onto the shore in the late afternoon, their nets heavy with the day’s catch.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, there is much that makes your trip to Al Ashkarah a memorable one, such as “your picnics on the endless sandy beaches, windsurfing in the Indian Ocean, and that time you helped fishermen haul in their nets. You might also want to share your photos of the desert sunsets, the camels, the birds and that turtle you spotted along with the barbecue you had at those roadside restaurants. Remember to show everyone your kite-surfing video too!”

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