#OmanPride: Helping young bikers to learn safe riding skills in Oman

More sports Saturday 10/December/2016 21:56 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Helping young bikers to learn safe riding skills in Oman

Muscat: Children riding scooters in their neighbourhood are now a common sight but people fail to realise the danger that it poses.
Oman Riders Motorcycle Club (ORMC) has, however, decided to harness their energy to serve the community.
At the Oman International Motor Show, the ORMC members are using the opportunity to raise awareness about the dangers that negligent motorcycle riding poses.
Saad Al Sheikh, the treasurer of the ORMC, said riding a motorcycle isn’t about just riding fast, and they intend to put this hobby so some good use.
“Our role as a club is to educate the youth, especially children who are taking to riding motorcycles. It isn’t all about speed, but a hobby that should be used to benefit the society,” said Al Sheikh.
The ORMC is a voluntary club that rides for charity and participates in goodwill events.
“Many start with the idea that it is a sport and speed is what they covet, but when they come to us, we educate them. We tell them that instead of falling for speeding and harming others and themselves, and disturbing people with the noise, they should do something good with it,” said Al Sheikh.
“We volunteer and undertake charity events. We participate in events against drugs, speeding, diseases such as cancer, and organise other goodwill activities. So we use the energy the rider plans to put into driving negligently and speeding, and use it in other ways that serve the community in a positive fashion,” he explained.
The ORMC has 150 members who come from various walks of life and have ridden together for years across the globe for charity and to promote the country. The club members travelled to Europe on their bikes and also China, along the Silk Route. Their next trip will be to Cape Town, South Africa, planned at the end of 2017.
“All our trips are over land, so we are going to South Africa to promote Oman and let the people know who we are and what Omanis can do. All of this is for the country,” said Al Sheikh. The OMRC remained at the Oman International Motor Show till December 10, spreading awareness.