Glasspoint appoints local CSR and sustainability firm in Oman

Business Sunday 07/February/2016 19:17 PM
By: Times News Service
Glasspoint appoints local CSR and sustainability firm in Oman

Muscat: GlassPoint Solar, makers of solar steam generators for the oil and gas industry, announced a strategic partnership with local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability experts, Sustainable Square Oman.
Sustainable Square will work with GlassPoint to establish its social investment strategy and launch new programme that best serve the Sultanate and the Omani people.
“We are committed to creating long-term value for Oman that extends well beyond our solar oilfield projects,” said GlassPoint president and chief executive officer Rod MacGregor.
“It’s important our social responsibility strategy aligns with GlassPoint’s vision and that of our stakeholders so we can contribute where it’s needed most. By partnering with local experts embedded across Oman’s CSR landscape, we will be able to maximise our investment and create impactful projects to benefit Oman’s society, environment and economy,” he added.
Led by CSR expert and rising Omani entrepreneur, Shaima Al Lawati, Sustainable Square will provide GlassPoint with the support and insight needed to enhance the positive impact it brings to the country. Shaima and her team have a successful track record of developing differentiated, results-driven CSR initiatives for global businesses in Oman and the Gulf region.
Al Lawati, who serves as Sustainable Square Oman’s founding partner and senior sustainability & social investment advisor, commented, “We are excited to have this opportunity to work closely with GlassPoint and develop a robust CSR programme from the ground-up.”
“As a small Omani enterprise, we appreciate the support we receive from our partners and the growing prominence social investment has in generating business returns. We are committed to developing a niche-localized CSR program that will improve GlassPoint’s business operations, optimize their internal processes and enhance the well-being of our communities,” Al Lawati added.
GlassPoint is currently building one of the world’s largest solar plants with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). Named Miraah, which means mirror in Arabic, the project will harness the sun’s energy to produce steam used to extract heavy and viscous oil at PDO’s Amal field in south Oman. Miraah will save 5.6 trillion British Thermal Units of natural gas each year, resulting in significant energy savings that support economic diversification and job creation.