BP Oman and Youth Vision renew financial literacy initiative

Business Monday 05/December/2016 13:32 PM
By: Times News Service
BP Oman and Youth Vision renew financial literacy initiative

Muscat: After receiving immensely positive feedback and requests for ongoing engagement, BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme (SIP) has reaffirmed its commitment to Youth Vision’s Baisa Programme.
The partnership continues its journey across the nation nurturing young nationals with critical knowledge on money management, financial literacy, planning and investments. Guiding youth towards more secure financial futures, the relaunched initiative goes beyond its original scope of college students and now welcomes jobseekers and those new to employment.
“We realise the importance of the youth’s understanding of the fundamentals of finance in order to make sound monetary decisions, thus we are furthering our mission to instill greater financial awareness and inspire productive future decisions. Lead by our ‘Implementing Partner INJAZ Oman, the BaisaProgramme has evolved and will cover high level topics and opportunities, in addition to the basics of savings and financial resources,” said Shamsa Al Rawahi, Social Investment Programme Office at BP Oman.
“In partnership with Youth Vision, we held engagement session to seek feedback from students, leaders in the Finance field including the BP Oman finance team, and some SMEs experts to develop this programme further,” he added.
The initiative delivers the tools and resources needed to enhance the capability of young Omanis to make sound monetary decisions, enabling them to become greater economic citizens in a nation of rapid emergence. Financial literacy amongst young adults remains an area of continued focus in Oman to ensure increased competencies bolster the nation’s socio-economic growth.
Speaking on behalf of Youth Vision, a local institute for capability development, Ibrahim Al Hinai, Public Relations Specialist at Youth Vision, said, “The sustainability of what we are delivering with BP Oman is just as important as the skills themselves; it is what drives growth in individuals and the people surrounding them. The knowledge our bright young minds acquire doesn’t just stay with them, it spreads to friends and family when they need support. This demonstrates how Youth Vision approaches its commitment towards initiatives that inspire national growth through people. As our level of engagement rises through opportunities like the SIP, the greater the impact we are able to achieve in local communities.”
The renewal of BP Oman’s partnership with Youth Vision under its Social Investment Programme has empowered over 750 Omanis to date in Muscat, Al Buraimi, Nizwa, Ibri, Sur, Sohar, Salalah and Al Rustaq.