‘Give NOC to workers after the end of contract in Oman’

Energy Wednesday 30/November/2016 21:27 PM
By: Times News Service
‘Give NOC to workers after the end of contract in Oman’

Muscat: In just seven hours, the story posted on Times of Oman’s Facebook page reached 191,830 readers, received 2,275 likes, 1,094 shares and 432 comments.
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Rashid bin Ismayil, a reader, posted that the proposal makes sense. “This is logic, if an employee completes his contract with the company, he should be free from NOC, and if the employee’s let go by a company, he would also not require a NOC.... Hope for the best,” Rashid’s post read."
Nerak Vence Zehcans, another reader, posted: “If the employee finishes the contract let him/her go freely. If the company is good, giving nice salaries and benefits, they would stay, so companies should think also."
Praveen Raj, another reader, said: “In my opinion, it is a win-win situation, as the employer has to spend a lot on bringing the employee and it’s the primary obligation of the employee to complete the initial contract set by the employer. By this move no one will be at loss,” Praveen’s post read.