Oman football: Zubair Corporation fetes freestyle footballer Mohammed Al Nofli

Sports Wednesday 30/November/2016 20:43 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman football: Zubair Corporation fetes freestyle footballer Mohammed Al Nofli

Muscat: With an objective to recognise unique talent, The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) honoured Oman’s well known freestyle footballer Mohammed Al Nofli at an event organised at Mitsubishi showroom.
Al Nofli, who has been amazing fans in Oman and across the region with his incredible skills in freestyle football, was honoured by Zubair M Al Zubair vice-chairman of The Zubair Corporation at the special event.
With an ability to perform awe-inspiring athletic and acrobatic tricks with a football, Al Nofli has performed in several national and international competitions. It may be recalled that Al Nofli had represented Oman at the Red Bull Street Style competition held in Italy in 2012.
Supporting youth is an important segment of The Zubair Corporation’s strategy and social responsibility. As a private sector player, Z-Corp is keen on implementing a long-term strategy aimed at providing support for youth to invest their energies positively.
Stressing that the group is committed to endorsing and cultivating special talent, Zubair M Al Zubair said: “Freestyle football has gained recognition all over the world in recent years and the increase in popularity has led many youngsters to turn towards this new sport. We see this trend in Oman too and hope that role models such as Al Nofli will inspire more youngsters to take up this sport.
“As a private sector player, we are proud to honour Al Nofli who has trained hard, created his own style and devoted himself to learning more to make a name for himself as an established freestyle footballer.”
Al Zubair added: “Players such as Al Nofli set a positive example and serve as role models to younger generations. It is extremely inspiring to see the passion, determination and talent of Al Nofli who has gained worldwide recognition and fame.”
Al Nofli displayed remarkable combination of technique, skill and showmanship with his performance at the event.
Thanking The Zubair Corporation, Al Nofli said: “I am extremely delighted that a well-respected private sector company Zubair has bestowed me this honour. It shows their commitment to encouraging the younger generation to excel in life. I truly wish more private sector companies come forward with such gestures as it really boosts the confidence of the youth.
“This event also shines a light on the growing community of freestyle footballers in Oman. It is also encouraging that many freestyle footballers using their special skills go on to become fulltime footballers.”
Z-Corp understands the need for the development of youth for the progress of the nation. The group has continuously worked towards guaranteeing effective and sustainable development of the youth and encouraged them to go out in the world and achieve their dreams.
Demonstrating its continuous commitment to all kinds of sports, Z-Corp has been a partner and sponsor of different sports activities including football, handball, ice sports, volleyball for many years. Z-Corp also wishes to support the development of sports in the country and encourage young talents.