Oman environment: Be'ah to bring 'biogas revolution'

Oman Tuesday 29/November/2016 10:16 AM
By: Times News Service
Oman environment: Be'ah to bring 'biogas revolution'

Muscat: Oman has achieved a new milestone in the field of biowaste recycling as Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (be’ah) has joined the World Biogas Association (WBA) to promote the "biogas revolution".
It also supports and represents a wide range of initiatives and contributors in the bioenergy sector.
This partnership aims to increase biowaste recycling and to meet global challenges which can contribute to climate change commitments positively.
“The World Biogas Association will provide an international forum for sharing best practices so we can accelerate the growth of biogas industry,” Sh. Mohammed Sulaiman Al Harthy, executive vice president, Strategic Development at be’ah stated.
David Newman President of WBA stated: "across the world we throw away millions of tonnes of biodegradable waste each year; farmers produce waste in the growing and production process; our waste water systems contain mostly organic matter; and the landfills in which our waste is dumped in 70 per cent of the world, contain billion of tonnes of food waste we throw from our homes, restaurants and shops. If we were to collect this waste and treat it through anaerobic digestion, we could actually produce clean, renewable energy (known as biogas) equivalent to 60% of what coal provides today, and resolve our enormous problems of waste management, create energy independence whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions too. We can also capture biogas directly from landfills too. At the same time we would provide farmers with compost and digestate from the process, to fertilize the soil. As president, I am extremely proud that be'ah of Oman is taking a lead on these issues in the Middle East region."
be’ah is working on a biogas project proposal in Barka. The Concept of this project is to divert organic waste (OW) from landfills which can then be used as source of alternative energy.