Oman tourism: Muscat among top three cities in Middle East and North Africa region

Oman Sunday 27/November/2016 21:06 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman tourism: Muscat among top three cities in Middle East and North Africa region

Muscat: Muscat is the third best city to live in within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, according to a survey by in collaboration with YouGov.
The Sultanate is also considered one of the ideal destinations to reside in the region, noted the survey in its results.
Dubai topped the survey with 125 points, followed by Abu Dhabi with 123, and Muscat with 116.
The ranking was based on seven parameters. The parameters including economic factors, labour rights, environmental factors, standard of living, socio-cultural factors, sports, arts and recreation and entrepreneurship.
The survey, involving 100 respondents, also found that the residents of Muscat were among the happiest in the MENA region, with nearly 82 per cent pleased to live in the Omani capital. Only Abu Dhabi scored higher, with 87 per cent in the ‘degree of happiness’ category.
Muscat also ranked first in the ‘city with most reasonably priced day-to-day amenities’ sub-category, according to 60 per cent of the residents. The Omani capital also scored high in other categories, such as environmental factors, sports, arts, culture and recreational facilities.
Availability of jobs, health insurance and social security, clean air and water, a feeling of stability and security, a low crime rate, availability of natural landscapes, and affordability of taxes and fees were described as the major factors that influence residents’ decisions to live in a city.