Oman Cricket: Al Turki, Enhance record victories

Sports Sunday 27/November/2016 16:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Cricket: Al Turki, Enhance record victories

Muscat: Al Turki recorded a seven-wicket victory over Raha CT in a Muscat Pharmacy and Stores-sponsored Premier Division T20 match on Saturday.
Batting first, Raha were restricted to 98 for eight in 20 overs. Khurram Khan top scored with 48. Rohit Malik and Jay Odedara claimed three wickets each for Al Turki. In reply, Al Turki scored 99 for three in 18.3 overs. Gulam Shaikh top scored with an unbeaten 41.
Brief scores: Raha 98 for 8 in 20 overs (Khurram Khan 48; Jay Odedera 3/13) lost to Al Turki 99 for 3 in 18.1 overs (Gulam Shaikh 41 n.o). Points: Raha CT – 0, Al Turki – 4.

Passage to India lose
In another Premier Division T20 match, Enhance Oman defeated Passage to India (PTI) by six wickets. Batting first, PTI put on 109/10 in 18.5 overs. Shoaib Shabbir top scored with 37. Ahmad Fayas Bhatt claimed three wickets for Enhance. In reply, Enhance Oman scored 112 for four in 17.4 overs. Sanuth Ismail top scored with 44.
Brief scores: Passage to India 109 in 18.5 overs (Shoaib Shabbir 37; Fayas Bhatt 3/21) lost to Enhance Oman 112 for four in 17.4 overs (Sanuth Ismail 44). Points: PTI CT – 0, Enhance Oman – 4.

Easy for OCT Al Hail A
In a C Division match, OCT Al Hail A defeated Attic Outdoors by 92 runs. Batting first, OCT Al Hail A scored a 201 for three in 20 overs. Khalid Moosa, Abdul Ghani and Shuaib Al Balushi scored 52, 53 and 58 respectively. In reply, Attic Outdoors were restricted to 110 for nine in 20 overs. Mohammed Shahid top scored with 51. Shoaib claimed four wickets for Al Hail A.
Brief scores: OCT Al Hail A 201 for 3 in 20 overs (Khalid Moosa 52, Abdul Ghani 53, Shuaib 58) bt Attic Outdoors 110 for 9 in 20 overs (Mohammed Shahid 51; Shuaib 4/18). Points: Attic Outdoors – 0, OCT Al Hail A – 3.

Carillion Alawi win
In a D Division match, Carillion Alawi defeated Sayarti by four wickets. Batting first, Sayarti were 140 all out in 18.2 overs. Balachandran top scored with 46. Issam Al Balushi claimed three wickets for Carillion. In reply, Carillion scored 141 for six in 15.1 overs. Yousuf Rahim top scored with 39. Ruwan Rupasinhe claimed three wickets for Sayarti.
Brief scores: Sayarti 140 in 18.2 overs (Issam Al Balushi 3/20) lost to Carillion Alawi 141 for 6 in 15.1 overs (Yousuf Rahim 39; Ruwan 3/28). Points: Sayarti – 0, Carillion Alawi – 3.

Mott MacDonald win thriller
In another D Division match, Mott MacDonald overcame Bab Al Rayan for a two-run victory. Batting first, Mott MacDonald put on 160 for nine in 20 overs. Sagar Ingle top scored with 41. Syed Arfan claimed three wickets for Bab. In reply, Bab Al Rayan were bowled out for 158 in 19.3 overs. Savinraj and Kazi claimed three wickets for Mott MacDonald.
Brief scores: Mott MacDonald 160 for 9 in 20 overs (Sagar Ingle 41; Syed Arfan 3/32) bt Bab Al Rayan 158 in 19.3 overs (Karim Qader 39; Kazi Muzammil 3/17). Points: Mott Macdonald – 2, Bab Al Rayan – 0.
Bahihi beat Abu Maather
In an E Division match, Bahihi registered a 17-run win over Abu Maather. Batting first, Bahihi scored 171 all out in 19 overs. Ashok Patel top scored with 54. Rafique and Sohail claimed three wickets each for Abu Maather. In reply, Abu Maather were bowled out for 154 in 18.3 overs. Murad Khan claimed four wickets for Bahihi.
Brief scores: Bahihi 171 in 19 overs (Ashok Patel 54) bt Abu Maather 154 in 18.3 overs (Murad Khan 4/21). Points: Bahihi – 2, Abu Maather – 0.
RAY International shine
In an F Division match, RAY International defeated Mecamac Royals by eight wickets. Batting first, Mecamac Royals were 146 all out in 19.1 overs. Ruban Durai and Muni Raj claimed two wickets each for RAY. In reply, RAY raced to 148 for the loss of just two wickets in 11 overs. Ruban Durai top scored with an unbeaten 97.
Brief scores: Mecamac Royals 146 in 19.1 overs lost to RAY 148 for 2 in 11 overs (Ruban Durai 97 n.o). Points: Mecamac Royals – 0, RAY – 3.
OCT Mabellah down QBG
In a G Division match, OCT Mabellah defeated QBG by 17 runs. Batting first, OCT Mabellah scored 142 for nine in 20 overs. Salim Ismail top scored with 50. In reply, QBG put on 125 for nine in 18.2 overs. Aditya Dalvi top scored with 35. Younis Murad claimed five wickets for OCT Mabellah.
Brief scores: OCT Mabellah 142 for 9 in 20 overs (Salim Ismail 50) bt QBG 125 for 9 in 18.2 overs (Aditya Dalvi 35; Younis Murad 5/21). Points: QBG – 0, OCT Mabellah – 2.
Majees defeat Ahli Bank
In an H Division match, Majees defeated Ahli Bank by six wickets. Batting first, Ahli Bank scored 148 for nine in 20 overs. Essa Al Balushi top scored with 33. Lijo Johnson claimed three wickets for Majees. In reply, Majees scored 154 for eight in 20 overs. Manumon top scored with 46. Haris Alam claimed four wickets for Ahli Bank.
Brief scores: Ahli Bank 148 for 9 in 20 overs (Essa Al Balushi 33; Lijo 3/20) lost to Majees 154 for 8 in 20 overs (Manumon 46; Haris Alam 4/32). Points: Ahli Bank – 0, Majees – 2.
Douglas OHI humble NBO
In another H Division match, Douglas OHI defeated NBO Munz by 168 runs. Batting first, Douglas OHI scored 225 for six in 20 overs. Abhishek Pai top scored with 62. In reply, NBO Munz were bowled out for 57 in 11.5 overs. Viplav Kumar and Vinod Kumar claimed three wickets each for Douglas OHI.
Brief scores: Douglas OHI 225 for 6 in 20 overs (Abhishek Pai 62) bt NBO Munz 57 in 11.5 overs (Vinod Kumar 2/2, Viplav Kumar 3/12). Points: Douglas OHI – 3, NBO Munz – 0.
HFP edge Shanfari Group
In a thrilling I Division match, Hussain Fahdil Partners (HFP) overcame Shanfari Group by just one run. Batting first, Hussain Fahdil Partners scored 201 for seven in 20 overs. Elson Samson top scored with 76. In reply, Shanfari Group scored 200 for nine in 20 overs. Shahid Mahmood and Tajamal Zahoor scored 42 and 41 respectively.
Brief scores: Hussain Fahdil Partners 201 for 7 in 20 overs (Elson Samson 76) beat Shanfari Group 200 for 9 in 20 overs (Shahid Mahmood 42, Tajamal Zahoor 41). Points: Hussain Fahdil Partners – 2, Shanfari Group – 0.
Muscat Masters cruise
In a J Division match, Muscat Masters defeated Aster Hospital by six wickets. Batting first Aster Hospital scored 153 for eight in 20 overs. Noushad and Vikram Vishwas scored 55 and 40 respectively. Michael Bose claimed four wickets for Muscat Masters. In reply, Muscat Masters put on 154 for four in 18.2 overs with Michael Bose and Gaurav V. scoring 64 and 59 not out respectively.
Brief scores: Aster Hospital 153 for 8 in 20 overs (Noushad 55, Vikram Vishwas 40; Michael Bose 4/32) lost to Muscat Masters 154 for 4 in 18.2 overs (Michael Bose 64, Gaurav V. 59 n.o). Points: Aster Hospital – 0, Muscat Masters – 2.