Oman science: Maritime experts to highlight coral reef crisis

Oman Sunday 27/November/2016 14:25 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman science: Maritime experts to highlight coral reef crisis

Muscat: Maritime experts will highlight the ‘coral reef crisis’ in the next session of Science Café’ which is scheduled to be held on 29 November at Moka & More Café in Al Azaiba.
Coral reefs are home to 25 per cent of all marine species such as crustaceans, reptiles, seaweeds, bacteria, fungi, and over 4,000 species of fish make their home in coral reefs.
The latest assessment estimates that 19% of the world's coral reefs are dead.
“The loss of these fragile genetic resources would cost billions of dollars in lost revenue from tourism and fishing industries, as well as damage to coastal regions that are currently protected by the coral reefs that line most tropical coastlines,” remarked Dr. Nadiya Al Saady, Executive Director, Oman Animal, Plant & Genetic Resources Center (OAPGRC).
"If we want to save coral reefs we have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If we don’t, we could effectively lose coral reefs as we know them,” warned Dr. Al Saady.
“With an annual global economic value of US$375 billion, coral reefs provide food and resources for over 500 million people in 94 countries and territories. But tragically, coral reefs are in crisis,” a press release from Science Café’ stated.
This month, Science Café will focus on ways in which the environmentally conscious Omani public can help protect coral reefs.
“We want Science Café attendees to spread the word about why healthy coral reefs are valuable to people, fish, plants and animals. In fact, we’re hoping their excitement will help others get involved,” pointed out Dr. Al Saady.