Oman fashion: The House of Zaya

Lifestyle Tuesday 22/November/2016 19:23 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman fashion: The House of Zaya

It fascinates me to learn how Omani youngsters have gradually become acquainted with the world of fashion, and how they’ve developed a sense of style that was almost non-existent a few years back. Although we got the swagger and the bits that come with it, there was a side of fashion that was left unexplored in Oman’s market, which is a contemporary, edgy, and couture-making designs with international level of sharpness and elegance. Recently, the country has witnessed a few remarkable designers who has thought out of the box and brought a unique touch to the fashion in Oman. One of them I had the pleasure to meet is, Janaab Sayyida Daliya Fakhri Al Said, founder and designer of the futuristic, super edgy brand of House of Zaya.
House of Zaya is a beautiful, concept-driven clothing brand that combines modern art with fabrics and clothes, with a high-end result full of ultra-futuristic handmade garments, crafted to perfection by the talented designer herself. The brand is nothing short of a trip to a modern gallery full of 21st century ornaments, from the materials she uses, all the way to the last bit of stitching detail on her popular bomber jackets and crop tops.
The young designer became acquainted with fashion at an early age, but it was art that caught her attention. After going to Australia to pursue her education in fashion and textiles, she explored, experimented, and developed a passion for fine art and performance, which ignited the idea of mixing both powerful element, contemporary art and fashion together, creating a brand that stands out, even in the dark.
Fabrics such as mesh, organza silk, sheer polyester, and translucent knit sheer, and materials such as gold embroidery, metallic threads, sequins, and holographic plastic can be found adorning the pieces of House of Zaya.
Earlier this year, she launched her online store for House of Zaya and got her beautiful designs in Mini Boutique near Almouj petrol station, with new pieces such as the trendy chokers. The designer is a true inspiration to the Omani fashion scene, and we cannot wait to see what she has in stores for us in the future.
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