Billiards and snooker team in shape for GCC Championship
November 11, 2019 | 6:40 PM
by Times News Service
The Sultanate players are undergoing training under the watchful eyes of the coach Frank

Muscat: Oman’s Billiards and Snooker players have increased their preparations for the upcoming GCC Billiards and Snooker Championship which will be held in Muscat from November 28 to December 8. The Sultanate players are undergoing training under the watchful eyes of the coach Frank.

The team is undergoing rigorous training at the Billiards and Snooker hall in Seeb.

Mohammed Al Hasani, snooker team player, stated that they are fully geared up as the domestic camp began in October. “All the players are in good shape, attending the training camp and implementing the technical tactics. Our focus is on the mental side and how to improve this area beside the physical training which requires a lot of stamina,” Al Hasani added.

Oman Billiard’s player, Ahmed Al Shamsi, affirmed that the Sultanate players will enter into the competitions of the GCC Billiards and Snooker Championship with high hopes to achieve more medals. “Based on the training plan, we are still under a comprehensive warm up schedule until the competitions kick off. This is for the first time that the team players are getting ample training before the participation, thanks to the Oman Billiards and Snooker Committee (OBSC) for their efforts and cooperation,” Al Shamsi concluded.

Al Shamsi added they would do their best to grab as many medals as they can for the Sultanate. “We had good experience to play in this kind of championship and we hope to claim podium in this edition,” Al Shamsi said.

“We had many internal matches during the camp and analysed our strength and weakness. The head coach of the team instructed us how to come over the weakness and to be more focused in the matches,” Al Shamsi ended.

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