Good response to Oman's tourism ministry’s summer campaign

Oman Friday 05/February/2016 18:34 PM
By: Times News Service
Good response to Oman's tourism ministry’s summer campaign

Muscat: Oman’s Summer Campaign, launched by the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) two weeks ago, has been attracting interest from tourism companies and stakeholders, eager to tap into attractive promotional offers that could herald a large tourist turnout during the summer.
The campaign, started internally in coordination and cooperation with various companies and, will be launched externally at the beginning of next March.
It will focus on the most promising tourism markets in the region and the world since the Sultanate is one of the world’s top countries in terms of security and safety, compared with many countries in the region.
Tourism companies announced attractive promotional offers, with different tourist packages during the summer. In turn, the ministry coordinated and communicated with the companies and stakeholders to develop these offers and incorporate a number of tourist and cultural activities therein.
These offers include a package for cruises, adventure tourism, forts tourism and various cultural attractions in the Sultanate targeting families and young people primarily.
Tourism market
The campaign focuses on the tourism market in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to attract more tourists to the Sultanate by providing powerful alternatives and offers to tourists of these two Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) countries.
To this end, the ministry will cooperate and coordinate with Oman Air and other companies and stakeholders that have expressed their full readiness to participate vigorously in the campaign.
The promotional campaign “Oman Summer 2 Offers” involves specialists from the Ministry of Tourism and representatives at the ministry’s overseas offices in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, Oman Air, Oman Sail, Royal Opera House, in addition to representatives of travel and tourism companies and tourist establishments operating in the Omani tourism sector.
Competitive offers
In this context, the ministry has contacted Omani tourist establishments desirous of participating in the campaign and received their competitive offers that match the criteria set by the ministry and which has a February 9 deadline.
The ministry shall then select the establishment that provided the best offers to participate in the campaign and the accompanying on-the-move promotional events, and media and marketing campaigns.
It is noteworthy that the media and promotional campaign will include mobile joint workshops held by the Ministry of Tourism, travel and tourism companies and hotel facilities in four GCC destinations, namely Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates over four consecutive days.
The provisional commencement date for these events is March 21 in Dammam, while the closing date is March 24 in Dubai.