Samail Industrial City receives 25 investment applications in first half
November 10, 2019 | 5:07 PM
by Times News Service
Eng. Dawood bin Salim Al Hadabi, director general of Samail Industrial City.

Muscat: Samail Industrial City has received a total of 25 investment applications by the first half of 2019, said Eng. Dawood bin Salim Al Hadabi, director general of Samail Industrial City.

“The 25 applications represent industrial, service and commercial projects. Of the 25 applications, 15 have already been localised and the rest of the applications are under study and evaluation before they get localised,” Al Hadabi noted. He added that the total number of the signed agreements has reached 185 with an investment volume touched OMR115 million.

There are also plans for the factories to expand and introduce new production lines at the current stage. “The number of operating factories has reached 51 representing various industries. In addition, there are 65 factories under construction and many of these factories will commence production by the end of the current year with an investment volume amounting to OMR85 million,” said Al Hadabi, adding: “The mining, processing, marble and steel industries are among the most developing sectors in Samail Industrial City. Space has also been allotted for high-tech industries, which shall contribute to the advancement of the local economy and the food industry in Oman.”

Samail Industrial City represents the newest industrial city about the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn. It has been designed according to the latest international standards, taking into account the environmental and civil defence requirements as well as the social and recreational aspects for the employees and the wilayat’s population.

The total area of Samail Industrial City has touched 7.5 million sqm, divided into several sectors including food industry, plastic materials industry, steel industry; marble industry; building materials industry; and other industries comprising chemicals, glass, wood, fibreglass, and supporting services sector (e.g. warehouses).


Al Hadabi added that Samail Industrial City is coordinating with related bodies to offer job opportunities for the Omani youth within the industrial city. “Madayn Industrial Academy is undertaking constant efforts to develop the skills and capabilities of the employees working in the industrial sector through workshops and seminars. The number of employees working at Samail Industrial City has reached 1091 in the operating factories, of which 323 are Omanis,” he elaborated.

Samail Industrial City is currently implementing several projects, which include the infrastructure project that is expected to be completed by the end of the current year. The industrial city is also developing the administration and facility building, which is scheduled to be completed by the last quarter of 2020. The completion rate of the building has touched 20%, and the cost of developing this project is estimated at around OMR 4.5 million. With a total building area of18,000 sqm, the project will consist of 8 floors (ground + 7 floors) with a rental area reaching 12,280 sqm, which will offer various services for the workforce in Samail Industrial City and neighbouring areas. The building will offer space dedicated to public and private bodies, commercial stores, banks, international cafes and restaurants, telecom companies, among other services.

Another project will also be implemented in the coming period in Samail Industrial City which is the medical fitness examination project of the Ministry of Health. “This project is the result of cooperation between Madayn and Ministry of Health and comes in line with the constant efforts to provide necessary services to the investors within the industrial city and the population in Samail.

Additionally, a project of the Civil Defence Centre in Samail Industrial City is currently under discussion with the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance. “This vital project will serve the industrial city in particular and the wilayat in general,” Al Hadabi emphasised.

He stressed Samail Industrial City likewise all the industrial cities under Madayn aims at diversifying sources of the national income and realising sustainable and comprehensive development. Samail Industrial City is 45km away from Muscat governorate, which gives it an advantage of being close to the key markets in Muscat.

Omani products

The Omani products are recognised for their conformity with the international and GCC standards, he emphasised. “The Omani factories are implementing quality policy throughout their production phases. This eventually gives priority to the Omani products at the local and international markets. Furthermore, the Sultanate’s location is a link between East and West which facilitates the reach of Omani products to various countries worldwide,” Al Hadabi commented.

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