To improve hygiene, Muscat homes get trash cans

Energy Monday 14/November/2016 22:01 PM
By: Times News Service
To improve hygiene, Muscat homes get trash cans

Muscat: More than 10,000 trash cans have been distributed across houses in Muscat to combat health and environmental challenges, according to Sulaiman Al Shaqsi, head of the health affairs department at Muscat Municipality directorate.
“We plan to cover all of Muscat in the near future,” said Dr Ibrahim Abdullah Al Rahbi, director general of Muscat Municipality at Greater Muttrah.
In the wilayat of Muttrah, 189 trash cans were distributed in Int village, 37 in Meyabin, 74 in Hillat Al Nadi, 187 in Al Bustan and 39 in Qantab.
To help achieve this ambitious objective, families have to drop their garbage inside the trash can that is allocated to each household and cover it with the lid so workers can take them away late in the night.
“This way we can reduce the foul smell that comes from open trash bins,” Al Shaqsi explained.
With an army of 542 workers and 22 supervisors to clean the neighbourhood of Muttrah, the municipality said it aims to combat rodents and insects that lay their eggs near bins.
“These trash cans are sealed in a manner that do not allow flies to enter,and it contributes to the health of society,” Al Rahbi said.
Moreover, the municipality has introduced a night shift team of three employees who will educate families at major tourism locations about the environment and ask them to keep the area clean.
Muscat produces around 5,560 tonnes of house waste every month, according to Al Shaqsi.
“Our workers start cleaning the city from midnight until the early hours of the morning,” he added.
Leading by example, top officials from Muscat Municipality participated in October in the public health cleaning campaign, covering many parts of the wilayat including beaches, parking lots and residential neighbourhoods.