Oman Tourism: Mountains and more at Sharaf Al Alamayn and Balad Sayt

T-Mag Wednesday 03/February/2016 22:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Tourism: Mountains and more at Sharaf Al Alamayn and Balad Sayt

07:00 Wake up with the first sun beams. An amazing day is awaiting you. Pack up camp and hit the road.

07:30 Drive on to Al Awabi village. Refuel your car and keep driving; after 10km take the detour to Wadi Beni Awf. Continue for 25km enjoying the views of the valley till you find the intersection to Balad Sayt and keep going. The village is well indicated, but only accessible by 4x4 (23°11’27.40”N 57°23’17.58”E).

11:00 Welcome to Balat Sayt, one of the country’s most picturesque mountain villages. Be amazed by the multi-shaded cultivated terraces built into the mountain. Walk around the maze of narrow alleyways connecting the mud and stone houses.

14:00 Stroll around the date palm plantations following the falaj system irrigated by the crystalline waters coming from the mountains.

15:30 Switch on some music and enjoy the easy two hour drive home.

08:00 Have an early breakfast, pack some sandwiches, a cool box of pre-made foods or your favourite barbeque fixings. Take the road toward Nizwa and follow the signs to Al Hamra.

10:30 Drive past Al Hamra towards Hatt until you reach Sharaf Al Alamein, the highest point on this road. Enjoy the standpoint that provides stunning views of the valley.

11:00 Get out of the car and breathe in the fresh air while you look for the W10 hiking trail information sign. It is time to start your the trek. Don’t forget to take your sandwiches and plenty of water on the fairly easy walk along the crests of the hills.

12:00 Reach the junction of W9 and W8 and keep walking on W8 up to the viewpoint of Hatt and Balad Sayt villages.

13:00 Unpack your food and enjoy your well-deserved lunch surrounded by the majesty of nature.

16:00 Get back to the car and pull out your gear to set up camp. Make a bonfire for a barbeque or simply to enjoy its warmth as the dark decends around you.
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