Children in Oman troop to Muscat Festival Amusement Park

Oman Wednesday 03/February/2016 21:52 PM
By: Times News Service
Children in Oman troop to Muscat Festival Amusement Park

Muscat: One of the key attractions for children at this year’s Muscat Festival is the Amusement Park in the Al Amerat Park.
The park offers fun rides, such as a roller coaster, bumper cars, various slides among others to keep the children entertained.
Many are of the opinion that the Al Amerat Park is providing great family entertainment this year.
Along with the amusement park’s clown acts, magic shows and cartoon characters are also on hand for children of all ages.
The main stage springs to life each day with concerts and a variety of shows performed by leading stars from many countries.
According to many parents, the children are pleased to be at the park to enjoy their weekends and to spend their leisure time during week days after their studies.
“The Muscat Festival helps the elders in learning more about the Sultanate, but for children, this is a venue to relax and also become more familiar with the country,” Sulaiman, an Indian expatriate said. “It is always good to see the smiling faces of children enjoying their time,” another parent told the Times of Oman. “I am really happy to see our children enjoying every moment they spend in the park,” Karthik, the parent of a five-year-old said.
Some parents were of the opinion that there should be more rides included in the festival.
“I think there should be more items included in the amusement park section, so that more people and children are attracted to the festival,” Subash Raj said.
“Oman doesn’t have a good water theme Amusement Park; it will be nice to bring an international brand park to Oman for the children,” a visitor suggested.
As a family entertainment destination, the Muscat Festival strives to provide an environment that is filled with joy and surprises. Parents, who love to see their children enjoying every moment of laughter, can bring them to the Al Amerat Park without any hesitation.