OMR10,000 refunded over unsafe car sale in Oman

Energy Wednesday 09/November/2016 22:39 PM
By: Times News Service
OMR10,000 refunded over unsafe car sale in Oman

Dhahira: More than OMR10,000 was refunded to a consumer in Dhahira Governorate with the help of the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) recently.
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The Department of Consumer Protection in Dhahira Governorate was able to get a consumer a refund of OMR10,000 after he reported several faults in his brand new car.
The department had received a complaint against a car dealer from a customer alleging that the new car was not up to the mark and its performance was below par. .
The vehicle would veer to the right when driven. The consumer took the car back to the dealer to fix the issue, but a week after handing it over to the service centre, the dealer informed the owner that it could not be fixed, which prompted him to send a complaint to the consumer protection authority.
Upon getting the complaint, the department followed the procedures in coordination with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) to check the vehicle’s road worthiness.
The ROP’s findings showed that there was a clear veering to the right while driving the vehicle, as well as an uneven distance between the front right and left wheels when measured from the front bumper to the beginning of the tyre.
After confronting the dealer with the report, an agreement was made to take back the vehicle, as well as return the OMR10,000 paid for the vehicle. Article (25) of the Consumer Protection Law states that the producer must take back a product and reimburse its price or exchange it or fix it, if the consumer discovers a fault.