International caves conference begins in Oman

Oman Sunday 06/November/2016 23:58 PM
By: Times News Service
International caves conference begins in Oman

Muscat: Omran is hosting the 2016 International Show Caves Association’s (ISCA) conference on 6-12 November, with more than 40 international delegates welcomed to Oman’s renowned Al Hoota Cave attraction.
The conference itself will be held at three diverse locations in Muscat, Nizwa and Sur.
Al Hoota Cave is Oman’s most popular natural tourist destination and is estimated to be over two million years’ old and is an active member of the ISCA. Located at the foot of Jabal Shams, Oman’s epic mountain, the first show cave in the Arabian Peninsula is committed to promoting proper management to ensure conservation and preservation of the cave, as well as for the safety of guests in the enjoyment of show caves - two of the ISCA’s key aims.
Eng. Khalid Mirza, Director of Projects Development, Omran, said: “The ISCA works to ensure show caves are sustainable and preserved for future generations while helping to deliver a safe, exciting experience for visitors today - this is something we fully believe in at Al Hoota Cave, so it’s a great honour that we’re welcoming ISCA’s international delegates to the Arabian Peninsula’s first show cave during this week.
“We’ve put together a comprehensive programme for the conference delegates and there will be a focus on the variety of caves and other geological wonders Oman has to offer. The conference agenda will feature a number of papers on topics relating to Oman, as well as key international topics for show caves. This kind of discussion ensures Omran, as operators of some of the Sultanate’s most important geological attractions, provide the best experience for visitors and develop sustainable conservation efforts,” he added.
Brad Wuest, President of ISCA, commented: “Oman is a unique geological place, and it’s fantastic to be holding our conference here for the first time. The Al Hoota Cave is important as it was the first show cave to be opening in the Middle East, and its recent re-opening following Omran’s work with the Oman Ministry of Tourism to create a sustainable cave experience supports the aims and objectives of ISCA. We look forward to an exciting, insightful conference while experiencing some of the best geological attractions Oman has to offer.”
Through its commitment to respecting, preserving and safeguarding Oman’s natural resources and subterranean land, Omran organised the 2016 International Show Caves Association Conference, with the objective of giving ISCA global members the chance to educate and immerse themselves in Oman’s geopolitical landscape. The conference will welcome several high profile local and international speakers, as well as cover a series of research and educational papers on topics around show caves.
The International Show Caves Association aims to promote, encourage and support the cooperation of show cave operators around the world through the sharing of information and to promote the preservation and conservation of caves while increasing public interest in the world of show caves by way of unique marketing and the evolution of methods to enhance the show cave experience.