Sayyid Khalid leads Omani delegation to Doha meeting
October 19, 2019 | 10:57 PM
by Times of Oman
The meeting is an opportunity for Olympic partners, especially the Olympic Games organising committees. - Supplied photo

Doha: The Sultanate, represented by Oman Olympic Committee (OOC), participated in the opening of the tow-day 24th General Assembly of ANOC in Qatar.

The Sultanate's delegation was headed by Sayyid Khalid Al Busaidi, Chairman of the OOC, in the presence of Taha Al Kishry, Secretary General of OOC. Sayyid Khalid said: "Our participation in the 24th General Assembly of ANOC is in line with the Oman Olympic Committee's keenness to actively participate in this important international sports gathering that brings all Olympic committees of the world together.''

He added that ''the meeting is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the work of ANOC and IOC as well as to meet with many concerned officials and a number of colleagues heads of national committees in the world and the staff of IOC.

On this occasion, Sayyid Khalidmet with Thomas Bach, President of the IOC. The meeting dealt with a number of aspects related to the Olympic sports and reviewed a number of issues of common interest. Sayyid Khalid is expected to visit the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, in November.

The General Assembly started with the speech of Acting President of ANOC, Robin Mitchell, who welcomed the attendees and thanked Qatar and Qatar Olympic Committee for the efforts made to successfully organise the First World Beach Games and the General Assembly meetings.

"We are delighted to see athletes from all over the world competing in beach games, united by sports, and that the presence of more than 1,000 Olympic figures will contribute in increasing the Olympic movement in the world," he added.

On his part, Sheikh Joaan Al Thani, President of Qatar Olympic Committee welcomed the attendees from various countries and stressed in his opening speech that sport is one of the sources of forming awareness and enriching culture and enhance passion which inspires Qatar to continue in sports development and host world championships and sports tournaments.

He stressed that ''the success of the first edition of the World Beach Games comes to consolidate and spread the Olympic thoughts worldwide, pointing out that Qatar Olympic Committee has always been providing all possible support to the Olympic movement.

He added that ''the General Assembly meeting will discuss the most important achievements and Olympic programmes to support the National Olympic Committees and develop all aspects related to Olympic sports.

On his part, Thomas Bach, President of the IOC, stressed the importance of the unity of international sport and the maintenance of the Olympic Charter, which obliges stakeholders to work in this direction towards the development of sports by encouraging athletes and provide all means for their success in the Olympic participation.

He added: "The international federations that are working for the benefit of their athletes they represent and within the next two days we will enhance the importance of the unity of sports and values as part of our contribution to the Olympic society for the benefit of all. "

Bach called on representatives of the National Olympic Committees to continue to do more to support the Olympic sport ''Do your best efforts to support your athletes, make the relationship clear and transparent and show them what is expected from them and motivate them to exert their best efforts through the provision of many facilities and all the assistance they deserve. ''

He pointed out that ''some sports will be transferred to northern Japan to avoid any rise in temperature during the hosting period, which confirms that the initial impressions were correct about the success of Japan's hosting of the Olympic Games event and that the interests of athletes come first.''

After that, the awards from ANOC family were distributed to the participants for the development of sports in various countries of the world, namely Isaka Eddie of Niger, President of the Olympic Committee of Niger, Hamad Kalkba, President of the Olympic Committee of Cameroon, Venacbon Julien, President of the Olympic Committee of Benin, Lauren Mar, Secretary General of the Sports Association and Secretary General of the Olympic Committee in Fiji and Habi. Ahmed from Nigeria, member of ANOC and Sheikh Saud bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani from Qatar.

As part of the annual Custom of passed away International Olympic figures, the General Assembly ANOC honoured Habib Makki for his contributions on the Olympic Movement in the Sultanate and the world.

Furthermore, Abdulwahab bin Abdullah Al Hinai, Chairman of the Ethics Committee of ANOC, said that ''the presence of a representative from the Sultanate, which also represents Asia, is good for Omani sport and reflects the confidence of the international sports community of sports figures in the Sultanate as the Committee includes in its membership 7 people from different continents of the world.

Saada bint Salem Al-Ismailia, a member of OOC and a member of the Women and Sports Committee at Olympic Council of Asia, said that ''participation in international meetings and forums opens wide horizons for the participation of Omani women in the international committees and federations as well as the presence of Omani women in ANOC General Assembly meetings is an inspiration for Omani women sport in the Sultanate.

She explained in her statement that ''the meeting with sports figures from different countries is an opportunity to exchange experiences and acquire many skills that reflect positively on the development of women's sport in the GCC area and that the presence of an Omani women in the Olympic Council of Asia will contribute to attract a number of international championships to the Sultanate as well as to intensify women's sport programs and enhance their awareness.

ANOC General Assembly is the highest authority within and based on the new charter, an annual meeting for General Assembly must be held with the participation of all 206 National Olympic Committees.

The meeting is an opportunity for Olympic partners, especially the Olympic Games organizing committees. The meeting of the Executive Board is held at least twice a year, and its membership includes representatives from the five continental Olympic federations elected for a term of four years.

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