How to not be an impulsive shopper
October 9, 2019 | 5:08 PM
by Antara Bose

Believe it or not, compulsive shopping is a real condition (and maybe there is a little shopaholic in all of us). We don’t mean the occasional ‘Oops, I spent lots on the dress for New Year’s Eve’; we mean a recurring habit that causes serious financial strains in the long run. Here are few tips you should pay heed to.

1 Cash over card

If you just pulled up outside your favourite mall, and you know there is that unstoppable urge to shop waiting to kick in, the first thing you need to do is ditch the credit card. It’s the easiest way to avoid the debt trap. Go to the ATM, set a budget in mind, and withdraw cash.

2 Plan ahead

Make a list of things you actually need before heading shopping. If a new belt is not on your list, don’t buy one, even if you think you’ve come across something you think you like at that moment.

3 Take a friend

And that obviously does not mean your shopaholic colleague! Take someone along who will actually stop you from making unnecessary purchases. But yes, do tell them of your tendencies and any resultant drama which may arise when they try and pull you away.

4 No comfort shopping

There are other ways to fight the blues. A walk on the beach, a long chat with a friend, or even just binge-watching your favorite TV show - they’re all inexpensive!

5 Stall it

Here is where online shopping comes handy! With countless options available online that are accessible in just a click, this seems like a surprising suggestion, doesn’t it? Well, just like the internet, it all depends on how you choose to use your shopping portal. Pick whatever you like and simply ‘add to cart’. The trick is to not actually buy it at that very moment. Give it at least 10 days (enough to let your urge subside) and come back to your cart to see if you really need what you had almost shopped earlier.

6 Carry a calculator

Avoid the shock at the cash register by knowing what you’re going to pay. While shopping, keep adding the prices of things you intend to buy. It’s a little exhausting, but seeing the figures add up will actually discourage you from buying unnecessary stuff.

7 Mindful rewards

When you’ve accomplished your goals, you do need a reward. But don’t splurge all that you saved into that one reward – it completely defeats the purpose. Think about what you need, how it will benefit you, and look out for good deals.

Antara Bose is a model turned fashion and beauty consultant. A popular blogger, anchor, and voice over artist, she maintains a deep connection with the local fashion industry and is passionate about discovering and celebrating aspiring talent as well as promoting animal rights. For fashion updates with a side of humour and sarcasm follow Antara on instagram: @antarabose and on Facebook: Antara Bose.

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