Shabab Oman II arrives home

Oman Tuesday 01/October/2019 22:44 PM
By: Times News Service
Shabab Oman II arrives home

Muscat: Oman’s peace and goodwill yacht Shabab Oman II has come home and will arrive at Port Sultan Qaboos in Muscat next week, where it will stay docked for two days.

“The Shabab Oman II will come to Port Sultan Qaboos where there will be an official reception and events featuring people from the country,” said a representative for the yacht. Shabab Oman II returned to Salalah Port yesterday as part of its international journey themed (Masts of Glory and Peace) for this year.

“Guided carefully by God and in his care, the Shabab Oman II has reached the waters of our country, with its destination being the port of Salalah,” added the spokesperson. “The yacht will dock for one day before heading to the Port of Sultan Qaboos in Muscat.”

The yacht, which sails around the world spreading Oman’s message of goodwill, peace and tolerance, is returning from another long voyage which saw it travel across Europe before returning to the Sultanate. It began the journey home on September 11 from the Maltese capital of Valletta, its last port of call in Europe.

It then made for the Suez Canal in Egypt before heading to Jeddah and then Salalah, before halting at Muscat. “On her way back home, Shabab Oman II left the Maltese city of Valletta before heading to the Jeddah

Port in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Suez Canal, in Egypt,” the official representing the yacht said.

“Shabab Oman II sailed across the Suez Canal in the Red Sea heading to the Jeddah Port in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as its last international destination before reaching the homeland.”

“Shabab Oman II arrived at Jeddah in Saudi Arabia where she was berthed for two days before heading to Salalah Port as her first destination in the homeland.”