Style and Fashion Secrets: Shopping for Oman's Best Clothes in Muscat

T-Mag Sunday 23/October/2016 11:29 AM
By: Times News Service
Style and Fashion Secrets: Shopping for Oman's Best Clothes in Muscat

It’s often said that ‘black is the new black’, a comment on the fact that black is a colour that never goes out of style, can be worn on almost any occasion, and sets a decidedly sophisticated mood. Many women find themselves in a colour quandary, wondering how to stand out in that oh-so-iconic wardrobe essential, the LBD (little black dress). This versatile style staple should be in-and-of itself simple, letting well-chosen accessories shine. This is where styling black dresses can get tricky or expensive. Pick the wrong accessories and you could end up looking sadder than an Adele song. But great style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and to that end, I headed out with a friend this weekend to help her find her perfect LBD and accessories at Oasis Mall in Al Khuwair. We ended up with two looks that had tons of high style for a tiny pricetag.

Go Leather or Go Home
Best for: Concerts, parties, casual outdoor gatherings

Let’s say you have a Rihanna concert coming up, or a winter barbecue, or a club opening. You’re going to want to stand out, and the instant edge and texture of leather (or faux leather) is a great way to do just that.
Give the look even more texture and a casual, chic vibe with a contrasting dark denim. Go with a long sleeved, dark blue jacket for loads of swagger. Bonus points if the jacket is crop-top.

Now add your sparkle. Go subtle with a pair of matte colour bangles with a touch of gold and break up all that black with a long, delicate statement necklace. Avoid wearing chunky necklaces, you already have plenty of texture and pattern going on up top.

To that same end, leave your massive handbag at home and opt for a small clutch, either in plain black or with simple gold accents, because tonight, your bag isn’t your statement piece. You’ll be wearing your wow-factor on your feet. Opt for knee-high boots, holographic pumps, or glittery sneakers. Choose shoes as loud as you can stand, it will take your ensemble from subdued to seriously stylish. Throw on a pair of gold accented sunnies and you’re ready to slay.

The Mighty Mini
Best for: Fancy dinners, classy work events, and posh outings

Who said a mini dress can’t be formal? Elegance is all about simplicity, so a classic LBD with a straightforward cut and straight-lined design is the perfect base for a go-to classy look. Any material can work, though easy-to-wear (and care for) cotton is the typical choice.

The best part about a simple dress is that you can add carefully selected visual interest and shine with gold tone jewellery. Go for a single, chunky necklace. For our look, I selected a medusa-esque tigress head necklace, and to play off of this animalistic theme, we added a gold clutch with a subtle animal-inspired pattern. If your clutch has a sling, remove it or tuck it inside, as the over-the-shoulder action can make your look feel more casual.

In keeping with the understated theme, pick a simple pair of black high heels with, at most, a subtle gold accent. We found loads of heels in Iconic, many with lovely gold accents like the pair we ended up with, a patten leather stiletto with a fierce golden heel tip. Though you could add a bracelet to your look, whenever styling an elegant look, remember the words of the most tasteful woman who ever lived, Coco Chanel. Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.[email protected]

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