​Oman’s consumer watchdog seizes 1.5 tonnes of poultry unfit for consumption
October 4, 2018 | 8:50 AM
by Times News Service

Muscat: A total of 1.5 tonnes of poultry that was unfit for consumption has been destroyed, the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has announced.

According to officials, the frozen meat was being transported to two commercial centres in Al Dhahirah in an open van.

A statement by PACP read, “The spoiled goods were on their way to being distributed to two commercial centres in al Dhahirah.”

Said Al Amairy, Legal Expert appointed with duties of the directorate in al Dhahirah said, “Judicial officials discovered an open van carrying different goods under 40 degrees heat.

“After coordinating with the Criminal Investigations section of ROP, 1.5 tonnes of spoiled poultry was seized and investigated, proving the quality to be unfit for human consumption. The goods were seized and legal action was carried out against those responsible, in accordance with article 7 of the Commercial Protection Law,” Al Amairy added.

The law prohibits the selling or promoting of goods that are counterfeit, spoiled, or unlicensed.

The statement added, “PACP was able to coordinate with the General Directories of Regional Municipalities and the Royal Police in al Dhahirah to seize more than 1.5 tonnes of spoiled, frozen poultry.”

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