Pakistani expats in Oman can renew their passports online now

Energy Tuesday 18/October/2016 16:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Pakistani expats in Oman can renew their passports online now

Muscat: Pakistani nationals in Oman can now renew their Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) online instead of visiting the Pakistan Embassy in Muscat, avoiding inconvenience due to time constraints or long distance difficulties.
Those wanting to renew their MRP can log on to the e-Services portal ( set up by the Ministry of Interior for the convenience of expat Pakistanis, who have to travel long distances to reach their embassy and apply in person.
The whole process is estimated to take less than 20 minutes, and involves just three steps—online application, credit/debit card payment and home delivery, which will involve extra delivery charges.
The online facility is only applicable for passport renewal. New passports cannot be
applied online.
Applicants not having a personal address can mention the Embassy of Pakistan Muscat as the address for delivery and collect them upon arrival. There will be no delivery charges if the passport is delivered to the embassy.
The Government of Pakistan issues MRPs for two categories of its nationals—passport with a five-year validity and comprising 36 to 100 pages, with a varying fee structure for normal and urgent delivery, and for those with a 10-year validity.
However, the online application process will require a certain set of skills and facilities, such as an internet connection, computer and scanner, to be able to complete the process as per the ministry’s instructions, which may not be easy, especially for the majority of blue-collar Pakistani workers in Oman.
A senior official at the Embassy of Pakistan confirmed the new facility for expats, though it may not significantly reduce the number of visitors to its premises.
“It’s a great facility for those who can benefit from this. People can now apply for their passport renewal from the comfort of their home. We encourage all Pakistani nationals to avail the facility as much as possible, though we will be happy to serve them if they wish to visit the embassy and do it in person,” added the official.
Many Pakistanis in Oman do not have the required facilities at their disposal and may still have to visit the embassy for the renewal of their MRPs.
Nearly 400 people visit the Embassy of Pakistan every day for various services, including renewal of their national ID cards and passports. Since a large number of the 250,000 Pakistanis in Oman are blue collar workers, they may still find it more convenient to visit the embassy for the renewal of their passport.
The Embassy of Pakistan has decided to set up separate sections for visa and consular services when it moves to its new premises in Azaiba on December 1.
Social platforms, such as the Pakistan Social Club (PSC) Oman, have welcomed the move to facilitate online registration, but knowing the difficulties involved in the process they are thinking of making it easier for community members, particularly those from Salalah, Sohar and Buraimi.
“PSC is aware of the practical problems and is thinking of facilitating the process by appointing an official with the required facilities in its regional offices so help our countrymen with the online procedures,” Mohammed Zaeem Akhter informed the Times
of Oman.
“Online renewal will actually help those residing in other cities or remote areas of Oman. The PSC Welfare Committee led by Fazal Hussain helps bring a bus full of Pakistanis from Salalah every week just for their passport renewals and other consular services. We do the same for Pakistanis in other areas, especially Buraimi. We also facilitate the Embassy of Pakistan’s officials’ quarterly visits to the interior areas of Oman to help our community members there,” Akhter added.
The MRP renewal fee in Omani rials will be determined by the Pakistani authorities in line with the currency rate. Renewal fees for five-year validity passport for the month of October are:
Five-year validity
OMR13.300 ordinary fee (36 pages), OMR22.100 urgent fee.
OMR24.300 ordinary fee (72 pages), OMR39.700 urgent fee
OMR26.500 ordinary fee (100 pages), OMR53 urgent fee
Ten-year validity
OMR23.900 ordinary fee (36 pages), OMR39.700 urgent fee
OMR43.700 ordinary fee (72 pages), OMR71.500 urgent fee
OMR47.700 ordinary fee (100 pages), OMR95.300 urgent fee