Oman health: Free dental checkups for Sri Lankan School students

Oman Monday 17/October/2016 13:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman health: Free dental checkups for Sri Lankan School students

Muscat: More than 3,000 students from the Sri Lankan School, Muscat will receive free dental checkups at a dental awareness camp organised by Al Essa Dental Clinic.
Running at the school on the 17th and 18th of October, dentists at the campwill also educate children about the importance of dental hygiene at a young age.
Neel Subasinghe, the Principal of the Sri Lankan School, Muscat, told Times of Oman it was compulsory for all children in the school to visit the dentist during the two-day camp so that they would know the importance of maintaining their teeth properly.
“This is the first time in the history of the school that we are having such a camp, and a lot of the parents who send their children are not very educated on these issues,” he said. “If we give them the opportunity, we can identify if there are problems and we can educate the parents as well as the children.
“All the children who have come here for a check-up with the dentists are also eligible for a 20% discount on their next visit to Al Essa,” he added. “This is a win-win for both the students and the clinic because it’s not everywhere that 3000 children will be able to gain such access to dentists. We want to thank Al Essa for coming here and organising this camp.”
Dr. Priya Rajeev, a dental specialist at the clinic, hopes this camp will motivate children and their parents to come forward and treat any existing dental problems they might have.
“Because of the change in lifestyle and the habit of fast food, the oral health in children has deteriorated over a period of time,” she explained. “When we’ve examined the children at this camp, we’ve seen a lot of cavities, which I think the parents would not have noticed.
“It is deteriorating, but I’ve seen from past experiences that parents are taking care of children and they do bring them to dental clinics. Some of them are not aware of these problems so to give them all the same opportunity to learn how to take care of their teeth, we are organising this camp,” she added.
For more information about dental clinics being organised by Al Essa Dental Clinic, please call 2479 7406 or email [email protected]