Oman's refineries output increases 2% in August

Business Saturday 21/September/2019 18:49 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman's refineries output increases 2% in August

Muscat: The total production of refineries and petroleum companies in the Sultanate rose 2 percent at the end of August 2019, in comparison to figures for the same period of last year, while cars fuel production decreased 9.4 percent according to the National Centre for Statistics and Information.
The production of regular gasoline (M91) declined 1 percent, to 9,645,98 barrels and sales decreased 3 percent, to 7,079,5 barrels, as its exports stood at 3,336,2 barrels. The statistics revealed that premium gasoline (M95) rose at the end of August by 14 percent, to 8,968,2 barrels, where sales rose by 24 percent to 8,448,3 barrels and its exports stood at 683 barrels.
Diesel production decreased by 6 percent, to 18,579,9 barrels, while the sales inclined by 5 percent, to 10,185,4 barrels and its exports fell by 13 percent to 8,251,8 barrels.
The Sultanate’s production of jet fuel rose by 10 percent, amounting to 10,076,6 barrels, where sales rose by 2 percent, to 3,247,3 barrels to increase its exports by 11 percent to 6,679,5 barrels.
Liquefied petroleum gas production rose 11 percent, to 5,217,8 barrels and sales increased by 2 percent, to 1,742,3 barrels. Its exports also rose 13 percent to 3,398,4 barrels.
Gasoline production dropped by 21 percent, to 125.000 metric tonnes, Paraxylene production also declined by 1 percent, to 452.000 metric tonnes, while its exports stood at 445 metric tonnes. Polypropylene production rose 6 percent, to 192.000 metric tonnes. Its sales fell by 24 percent to 27 metric tonnes, while its exports increased by 10 percent to 166.000 metric tonnes.