#OmanPride: Oman to evacuate critically injured bombing victims from Yemen

More sports Saturday 15/October/2016 22:12 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Oman to evacuate critically injured bombing victims from Yemen

Muscat: Oman has sent an aircraft to the Yemen’s capital Sanaa to help evacuate around 115 people, who were critically injured after an air strike last weekend.
The strike on a funeral, which was reported to have killed more than 140 people and wounded at least 525, had caused an international uproar due to which the coalition has allowed those who are seriously injured to be treated abroad.
It was also reported that the injured will be treated at Khoula Hospital and the Military Hospital in Oman.
The Sultanate is the only Gulf Arab state, which is not part of the coalition fighting the Houthi rebels and has previously arranged evacuations from Sanaa of detained Westerners and others.
A French-Tunisian aid worker was detained in Yemen last December and was released last night following intensive diplomatic efforts from Oman.
As the Times of Oman had earlier reported, the International Red Cross Worker, Nourane Houas, who had been held in captivity for 10 months in Yemen, arrived safely at the Muscat Airport in Oman about 10 days ago, after she was released from Yemen.
Oman New Agency (ONA) had reported that Oman had cooperated with Yemeni “parties’ to find Houas and secure her release.
French Defence Minister Jean Yves Le Drian had earlier said on his visit to Oman, that he appreciates Oman’s important role in seeking peaceful solutions and resolving regional crises, such as the one in Yemen.
Prior to Houas, Homa Hoodfar, a Montreal University professor, who was detained in Iran for 114 days, was also released because of Oman’s intervention. Hospitals in Oman have been receiving injured people from Yemen since the beginning of the conflict.