Six common benefits of music

Lifestyle Saturday 15/October/2016 19:03 PM
By: Times News Service
Six common benefits of music

Music is regarded to have healing properties and with great reason. It could work as a form of therapy and offer many benefits to the listener including emotional, physical and psychological advantages. This complete therapy has a lot to offer. However, specific advantages are more appropriate than others. Here we look at a few of them.
1) Stress-buster: Though music has numerous benefits, it is the ability to counter stress that counts for the most. Music has for long been used as a stress buster. Researches and studies state that music could influence the brain in a positive way and offer stress relief. In fact, music could also help in treating various stress related difficulties such as stress and depression.
2) Respite from respiratory troubles: This is another benefit of music. It has been observed that soothing music can have a relaxing effect on the heart rate. If you listen to music on regular basis, your respiratory system functions effectively as it tends to respire simply.
3) Calming effect on muscles: Music is known to have a calming effect on the muscles and tissues of the lungs. This subsequently normalises your breathing rate. In case you’re battling troubles like pneumonia, tuberculosis, common cold, and many more, listening to music is a must for you.
4) Music can help you exercise: Have you ever noticed how recharged and pumped up you feel when you are listening to music? Researches and studies have proved that stimulating music may boost the muscle tension, which in turn aids in exercising. It is for this reason that peppy and effervescent gymnastics music can lighten up the entire class.
5) Overcome pain: A simple melody may also be able to help you overcome a chronic physical condition such as pain. Recent studies claim that music could lower pain by a whopping 21%. It may also help put people in a far better mood and persuade them to think along more positive lines.
6) Exercise for brain: In case you desire to strengthen the working of your brain, then you have one more reason for listening to music. Research shows that folks who play and listen to music more commonly have an improved interaction between the right side and the left side of the brain. Music works as an exercise for the brain that subsequently excites the transmission of signals in the brain.
So, if you want to avail all the given benefits of music, it is suggested to get started with enjoying and having fun with music right away.