Tying bicycles to poles in public prohibited: Muscat Municipal Council
September 18, 2019 | 3:07 PM
by Times News Service
Supplied photo.

Muscat: Tying bicycles to poles at public places is prohibited, Muscat’s municipal council declared on Wednesday.

The council also said that all those caught breaking this rule will be subject to strict legal action.

According to Muscat Municipal council, "The prohibition includes all types of poles - lighting poles, traffic light, electricity poles, signboards, and bridges columns in all internal and main streets."

"This behaviour is uncivilised and distorts the appearance of Muscat city," Head of Public Affairs Committee at the council, Malik Al Yahmadi, said.

He added: " At the meeting, we reached a set of recommendations, including preventing the tying of bicycles in the places mentioned above and those who violate it are subject to accountability in accordance with the provisions of Article 8 of the municipal law, which requires the protection of public utilities and prevent the distortion of the city look."

Article 8 of the municipal law stipulates: It is prohibited for any person to spit or snuggle in markets, squares, parks, public parks or roads. It is also prohibited to take any action that would harm public health or the appearance of the city.

The article also states: "The municipality's competent employees can seize any violation of the provisions of this order in coordination with the Royal Oman Police."

Al Yahmadi explained: “According to the second recommendation, we asked Muscat Municipality to direct all Municipalities directorates of the muscat governorate to publish regulations in different languages Arabic, Bengali, English, and Hindi explaining that this behaviour is wrong and punishable by law as an executive measure."

Article 11 of Municipal law states: "Any person who commits a violation of the provisions of this Order shall be punished with a fine not exceeding OMR100 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding two months or with both penalties for each subsequent violation."

The Head of Public Affairs Committee at the council added: "However, there was a long-term planning aspect where the Municipal Council addressed the Muscat Municipality on the need to allocate bicycles parking in various places in the city of Muscat and to identify special routes for bicycles when establishing main and secondary roads."

"Muscat Municipality responded to these recommendations and was part of making this decision and formulating its recommendations. It already begun to implement the ban and advertise in more than one language in some locations where expatriates tie their bikes," Al Yahmadi added.

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