Police to people living in Oman: Update your information

Energy Thursday 12/September/2019 11:34 AM
By: Times News Service
Police to people living in Oman: Update your information
Muscat: As part of preparing for ECensus 2020, the Royal Oman Police has urged residents living in Oman to update their personal information. The information can be updated by visiting the nearest Civil Status office, the ROP said.

In a statement issued online, the ROP also informed that the electricity bills should be listed under the name of the person using the residence, whether tenant or owner, in order to properly check where people are residing.

This information will prove important for the ECensus 2020, which will collect the data and then use it to help the government decide where services are needed.

"Required data to update your current residence is: A recent electricity bill in the resident's name, whether the owner of the property or a tenant."

The ROP has also informed that those living in a house or an apartment paid for directly by their employer that they will need to present their electricity bill (which may not have their name on it) in tandem with a letter from their employer that confirms their living arrangements.

"In the case that the resident is living in an accommodation paid for by the employer, the resident should present proof of a residency letter from the employer accompanied by their electricity bill," the statement added.

However, if the tenant is living in an immediate family member's property, they can present an electricity bill with their relative's name on it instead of theirs.

"If the tenant is in an immediate family member's property, he/she should present an electricity bill in the relative's name," according to the ROP.

The ROP has said that these arrangements are part of the drive to update everyone's correct information for the start of ECensus 2020.

The ROP statement added: "Pursuant to the Sultanate’s E-Census 2020 national campaign, #YourDataYourIdentity, the Royal Oman Police requests all citizens and residents to update their personal data in the civil register system at the nearest Civil Status building."

The ROP has also said that people will need to present updated marriage and divorce certificates or documents from the the Notary Public, as well as birth and death certificates and copies of the passports of expats.