Breast cancer month: Fatma’s Pinky Promise App in Oman

Lifestyle Saturday 08/October/2016 20:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Breast cancer month: Fatma’s Pinky Promise App in Oman

What is the app all about?
Fatma’s Pinky Promise is an app to help for early detection which is key to complete cure.
Early detection is achieved by regular monthly self breast examination and a yearly doctor’s examination and after 40 years of age, a yearly mammogram. It is an app that sheds light on breast cancer and helps in early detection. It’s a reply to the statement most women make, “I don’t have time for myself”. It is an application in all pink that comes in three parts. The What, How, and When. What is breast cancer? How can you prevent? When do you check up? How to do it?

What are the main features or functions of it?
The app is a user friendly tool that has three main features.It shows the user how breast self-examination may be carried out. It has a reminder feature, which reminds the user to go for their yearly clinical check-up and also do their monthly Self Breast Examination (SBE). The third feature would include a share feature, where the user can become the pink link and inform their friends about the app and that early detection can save lives. The app is bilingual, available in both English and Arabic.

Does it have features that can be used only for women or men can also use it?
The app is targeted at anyone who is willing to take the step of caring for their mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, or even themselves. Breast cancer is not a fight for women alone, men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer. Men who would like to keep a track of their loved one’s check-ups and also find out more about breast cancer, may download and use the app as well. The fight against breast cancer requires everyone, even men, to do their part.

Who developed it and from where were the coding done?
Dr Rajyashree N. Kutty, Director and Specialist Surgeon of Barakath Al Noor Clinic has got it designed through her daughter Dr Sri Mookambika and son Sai Aditya an engineer who are also passionately involved in the cause. It is developed by Jeygopinath and team at Stackon Technologies Pvt Ltd in Kerala. It is sponsored by Mohsin Haider Darwish, Oman.

How can the app be available and is it chargeable?
The app will be available on the Play store and the iStore by October 10. It is a free app and purely to help spread awareness and help reduce breast cancer.

Is it the first time that such an app is available in Oman?
Fatma’s Pinky Promise App is the first of its kind in Oman, second of its kind in GCC, and is aimed at helping men and women across Oman to reduce the incidence of breast cancer in future.
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