Oman Cricket unveils new logo

Sports Monday 04/January/2016 12:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Cricket unveils new logo

Muscat: Oman Cricket held an Extra Ordinary Meeting at the Al Falaj Hotel, to action the change of logos. The meeting was a success, with all 55 present members unanimously agreeing the adherence to the new logo.
In 2015, the national team of Oman Cricket created a history by qualifying for the T20 World Cup to be played in 2016.
This momentous occasion calls for a revamp of the image of Oman Cricket. "We feel, the symbol of Oman Cricket should portray the aspirations of a Nation as well as represent new and improved Vigour with which Oman is entering the new phase of the world of Cricket. The Cricket ball in the existing logo is not in its true form and the logo is not made to be used for variety of reproduction methods. The curved shape with red and green does not convey the direction, force and vigour of the winning national team of Oman Cricket," said a spokesperson for Oman Cricket.
New logo
"To have a smooth and subtle transition to the new logo, we have retained the round shape, cricket ball and national colours - Red, Green and White as the core elements of the new logo," said the spokesperson.
The font of the words 'Oman Cricket' in Arabic & English have been rendered in a modern and progressive style to portray that Oman Cricket is ready for the next generation and moving forward with the times. The true representation of Cricket Ball represents the Oman Cricket Team.
The element of Flame represents a forceful portrayal of the vigour represented by the Team who cruised past the competition and qualified for the World Cup. The national Colours - Red, Green and White forms a vibrant and energetic shape giving momentum to the cricket ball which is the Oman Cricket Team.
The shimmering background represents the glittering success the National Team has achieved in recent past and is moving towards higher and brighter goals.
The new logo is designed to be reproduced by any process without losing its true character. It can be reproduced in 4 colour process by offset printing or digitally reproduced for any medium. It can also be reproduced by 3 flat colours for screen printing process and it can also be easily embossed or Gold Foiled on variety of surfaces without losing its original shape.
The new logo of Oman Cricket is a statement that, "Oman Cricket is a force to be reckoned with" and it represents new aspirations of Oman, a cricketing nation.